Allies war movie
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Allies war movie

Allies (2014, United Kingdom)

Categories: infantry movies special forces movies ambush movies commandos movies resistance movies partisans movies


Director: Dominic Burns

Czas: 93 minut

Laguages: English / German

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2018-07-22 / 2018-07-22

During the fights in France Allied intelligence receives informations about German general that is in possession of strategic maps of defences and could be easy target. Five soldiers are sent to intercept those maps.

In August 1944 Allied forces were still trying to break out of Normandy with heavy battles raging along the front line. Intelligence received informations that one of the German generals is in possession of the strategic maps of the Wehrmacht defence plans and could be target for special operation behind enemy lines. With most of the forces tied on the front line Americans are looking for British help - while American officer, Captain Jackson, has detailed knowledge of the area where ambush is planned, he will need assistance of British soldiers to actually carry out the operation. The five people are dropped near the St. Marie village, area well known to Jackson, who spent some time here as teenager, and now has to use that knowledge to find the best spot to ambush the German general column. Sergeant McBain and his men are treating Jackson with reserve - they do not know him, they do not know if he is capable of leading them behind enemy lines. After Jackson finds the road that will be perfect for ambush - narrow, with wall running next to it and plenty of cover given by the trees - all they have to do is wait. When the general’s column finally shows up it has more escort than it was expected.

British war movie, allegedly inspired by true events, about American officer and four British soldiers that take part in dangerous mission behind enemy lines, in which the fate of the whole war could be in stake - intercepting the maps could be the breakthrough that would end the war much faster. While the story and premise are quite interesting, the action scenes are made well enough, close to the end Allies just falls apart. As simple war story it would be quite good, but the creators tried too hard to put additional twists and elements that did not made this a better movie, rather made it look a bit silly in some parts.

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Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

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3 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

Allies 2014 war movie

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Creators of Allies

Dominic Burns movies

Dominic Burns


James Crow movies

James Crow


Jeremy Sheldon movies

Jeremy Sheldon


Cast of Allies

Julian Ovenden movies julian-ovenden

Julian Ovenden

as Captain Gabriel Jackson

Chris Reilly movies chris-reilly

Chris Reilly

as Sergeant Harry McBain

Matt Willis movies matt-willis

Matt Willis

as Private Billy Munns

Edmund Kingsley movies edmund-kingsley

Edmund Kingsley

as Private Yorkie Jones

Leon Vickers movies leon-vickers

Leon Vickers

as Private Jim Scales

Frank Leboeuf movies frank-leboeuf

Frank Leboeuf

as Marcel Deville

Erich Redman movies erich-redman

Erich Redman

as Lieutenant Colonel Kaltz

Werner Daehn movies werner-daehn

Werner Daehn

as Captain Dekker

Mark Moraghan movies mark-moraghan

Mark Moraghan

as Colonel Slade

Themes in Allies

French resistance

Allies full war movie

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