Italian war movies
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Italian war movies

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Alfa Tau! 1942 war movie

Alfa Tau! 1942

Tension raises in Italian Navy submarine base when the loses are getting higher. Filmed during the war on board of active submarine.

Lenin: The Train 1988 war movie

Lenin: The Train 1988

In 1917 Germans are looking for a solution to their biggest problem - fighting on two front while the civilians back home are starving. While the military options are limited they come up with a political one.

Hannibal 1959 war movie

Hannibal 1959

Carthaginian commander Hannibal plans attack on Rome from side they did not expected - he is about to cross the Alps with his whole army.

Kill Rommel 1969 war movie

Kill Rommel 1969

British unit takes up daring mission through desert to kill Rommel when he will arrive in Africa.

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002 war movie

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002

Italian point of view on the Second Battle of El Alamein - young student joins the army and quickly gets disillusioned with reality of the war.

The Desert of the Tartars 1976 war movie

The Desert of the Tartars 1976

Young officer arrives to a secluded fortress ready to defend his homeland, but the enemy doesn’t seem to be there.

September Eleven 1683 2012 war movie

September Eleven 1683 2012

Based on real events surrounding the battle that stopped the Ottoman invasion on Europe.

The Inglorious Bastards 1978 war movie

The Inglorious Bastards 1978

Few American deserters are dropped in the middle of special operation.

The War Devils 1969 war movie

The War Devils 1969

American offensive in Northern Africa is halted by two German naval guns hidden inside a cave capable to cover the large area with their deadly fire. Special operation aims to destroy them, but Afrika Korps is guarding the area well.

My Honor Was Loyalty 2016 war movie

My Honor Was Loyalty 2016

Once upon a time there was a German soldier, Ludwig Herckel, he had some thoughts that were not very interesting. Years later there was inexperienced director, who had a camera and no script...

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