Iraq War war movies
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Iraq War war movies

Iraq War (2003-2011)

The armed conflict in Iraq that consisted of two phases: the invasion of Iraq by international forces led by the United States (2003) and long second phase of occupation of Iraq that was suppose to give local government time to build up their army and gain control over the area. The first phase was inspired by false evidence presented by Americans that Iraqi dictatorship of Saddam Hussain was producing mass destruction weapons (including nuclear and chemical). Due to air superiority the American forces and their allies quickly gained the advantage over Iraqi army and used the blitzkrieg tactics that gave their land forces the access to the capitol city of Baghdad. Soon after the Iraqi army s...

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Major battles of Iraq War

Battle of Nasiriyah war movies

Battle of Nasiriyah
23 March 2003

American supply convoy got lost and strayed from original route. Soon they were attacked by the Fedayeen Saddam fighter, who killed 11 soldiers and taken few prisoner (including Jessica Lynch, who was later rescued from the hospital). After the ambush Marines forces were sent to rescue survivors, but Iraqis were prepared with RPGs, mortars and tanks. Heavy fights that involved air support were ...

War movies about Iraq War

Saving Jessica Lynch 2003 war movie

Saving Jessica Lynch 2003

Private Jessica Lynch, injured in an ambush, is taken prisoner, but American forces prepare a rescue mission.

The Hurt Locker 2008 war movie

The Hurt Locker 2008

New leader of bomb disposal unit proves to be expert in his profession, but his maverick attitude causes a lot of tention.

Green Zone 2010 war movie

Green Zone 2010

Americans desperately search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but they meet obsticles even within their own intelligence.

Invader 2012 war movie

Invader 2012

Spanish soldier in Iraq can’t remember what happened after he was wounded, but he has doubts about the official version of events.

Karbala 2015 war movie

Karbala 2015

During Iraq War Polish and Bulgarian forces are assigned to support the Iraqi police in guarding the city hall in Karbala. This simple task soon turns into deadly siege when rebels show up with mortars and RPGs.

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