South Korean war movies
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South Korean war movies

South Korean Vietnam War moviesSouth Korean Korean War movies

71: Into the Fire 2010 war movie

71: Into the Fire 2010

71 South Korean students with only basic training and minimal supplies are left to stall the North Korean invasion until the regular army will reach the strategic. Movie based on a true events that took place during Korean War in 1950.

War of the Arrows 2011 war movie

War of the Arrows 2011

In 16th century Korea master archer sets out to save his sister kidnapped by Chinese invaders, but he only has his bow and his skills against numerous enemies.

The Brotherhood of War 2004 war movie

The Brotherhood of War 2004

Two brothers are dropped straight into the middle of North Korea invasion.

R-Point 2004 war movie

R-Point 2004

Group of Korean soldiers on a rescue mission is sent to a secluded jungle island, where strange force affects their minds.

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