American War of Independence war movies
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American War of Independence war movies

American War of Independence (1775-1783)

In 1770s the relations between Great Britain and its colonies in North America were tensed on many levels. Long period of wars in Europe left British economy in difficult situation. The simple solution was to rise the taxes in the colonies, but the as can be expected Americans were not happy about it. But British didn’t expect where it all might lead - the colonies were reluctant to raise the money and even started to boycott British products. What is known as "Boston Tea Party" (destruction of tea load from Britain) started the escalation of the conflict. In 1775 British Parliament declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion and General Gage sent the unit of 700 men to seize the ...

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Major battles of American War of Independence

Battle of Long Island war movies

Battle of Long Island
27 August 1776

Also known as Battle of Brooklyn Heights, was one of the largest battles at the beginning of American Revolutionary War. After defeating British forces in Boston George Washington realized that the enemy will have to establish large port on the American ground to provide new forces and supply. He assumed that New York will be their next target, so he moves his forces to Manhattan. British did land...

Battle of Trenton war movies

Battle of Trenton
26 December 1776

The battle was the American attack during American War of Independence on the Hessian mercenaries base in Trenton, New Jersey. It is remembered for the risky crossing of Delaware River during the winter - the manoeuvrer that gave George Washington the element of surprise to beat the better trained and better equipped enemy. Washington crossed the river during the night on simple boats adapted to t...

Battle of Camden war movies

Battle of Camden
16 August 1780

Battle during the American Revolutionary War (American War of Independence). After defeat in Battle of Saratoga and France joining the conflict British forces changed their strategy and decided to attack the southern colonies first. After capturing Charleston General Cornwallis was in charge of the campaign. He considered the crossroads in Camden to be vital for his future efforts, but former Brit...

Siege of Yorktown war movies

Siege of Yorktown
28 September 1781

Siege of Yorktown was battle between British forces in America and combined forces of American Continental Army and French Army. It was the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War, which resulted in surrender of British General Cornwallis and the capture of both him and his army. Despite the 2 to 1 advantage in numbers the American forces decided to set the siege and not just assa...

War movies about American War of Independence

Revolution 1985 war movie

Revolution 1985

Fur trapper, who tries to keep away from politics, gets dragged into the American Revolution. To save his son he joins the army and follows the troops that are about to face the British.

The Crossing 2000 war movie

The Crossing 2000

Depiction of Battle of Trenton and famous crossing of the Delaware River by George Washington.

The Patriot 2000 war movie

The Patriot 2000

After his son is killed by British officer Benjamin Martin joins the local militia and fights for the independence of United States.

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