Korean War war movies
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Korean War war movies

Korean War (1950-1953)

War between the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) that dragged many other countries into it (United Nations on ones side, USSR and China on the other). The North Korea army attacked their neighbour and used the surprise factor to push them far down the Korean peninsula. American intervention, supported by forces of different United Nations countries, helped to stop the inevitable wipe-out of South Korea army and push the aggressors back. The impressive naval landing in Inchon and quick actions of American army changed the situation on front. It seemed that North Korea forces will be defeated, when their northern neighbour and politi...

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Major battles of Korean War

Battle of Pohang-dong war movies

Battle of Pohang-dong
5 August 1950

During North Korean offensive at the beginning of Korean War. South Korean forces were falling back under the pressure from enemy until they reached the vicinity of Pohang-dong on the eastern coast of Korea Peninsula, where with support of United Nations the offensive was put on halt. Three divisions of North Korean Army were attacking the area, but with support of American carrier-based planes an...

Battle of Inchon war movies

Battle of Inchon
10 September 1950

At the beginning of Korean War North Korean forces pushed their opponents as fas as the southern end of Korean Peninsula. The offensive was halted after United Nations have supported the South Korea, but still there was no way to overpower the North Koreans. American General MacArthur prepared a plan similar to landing in Anzio during World War 2 when Italian front reached an impasse - he planned ...

Battle of Pork Chop Hill war movies

Battle of Pork Chop Hill
23 March 1953

Battle of Pork Chop Hill was a series of attacks and counter attacks on the fortified hill near Yeoncheon in South Korea. While the armistice negotiations were held in Panmunjom (today the border between the two Koreas) a surprising night attack of Chinese Army on 23rd March 1953 started the first battle and in 3 weeks Chinese took the hill, where the bunkers and trenches were located. Few days la...

War movies about Korean War

Men of the Fighting Lady 1954 war movie

Men of the Fighting Lady 1954

Pilots of USS Oriskany aircraft carrier repeat attacks on the same target - a strategic railroad junction - but each time they are asked to take more risk.

A Hill in Korea 1956 war movie

A Hill in Korea 1956

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.

Men in War 1957 war movie

Men in War 1957

Platoon of American soldiers moves through the terrain filled with Koreans.

Pork Chop Hill 1959 war movie

Pork Chop Hill 1959

American attack on the fortified hill on the North Korea border is only beginning of the long and blood battle for the spot of no importance.

The Hook 1963 war movie

The Hook 1963

Three soldiers are given the order to kill the prisoner they are escorting. It seems easy since he is enemy that probably just killed their friend, but in war nothing is easy.

MASH 1970 war movie

MASH 1970

In 1951 two surgeons arrive to Korea torn by the war. They are to be part of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit located near the front line. Now they have to adapt to life within army and in constant flood of casualties.

The Brotherhood of War 2004 war movie

The Brotherhood of War 2004

Two brothers are dropped straight into the middle of North Korea invasion.

71: Into the Fire 2010 war movie

71: Into the Fire 2010

71 South Korean students with only basic training and minimal supplies are left to stall the North Korean invasion until the regular army will reach the strategic. Movie based on a true events that took place during Korean War in 1950.

War games about Korean War

War Thunder 2013 war game

War Thunder (2013)

Online multiplayer game that combines the tank battles with the air battles.

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