Mahdist War war movies
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Mahdist War war movies

Mahdist War (1881-1899)

British colonial war against the Sudanese religious leader Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, who had proclaimed himself the Mahdi of Islam (the Guided One) and lead his followers to revolt against the British and even took over the city of Khartoum after almost a year-long siege. It took British 18 years to regain the control over Sudan, but after the reconquest Sudan became a condominium shared by the British Empire and the Kingdom of Egypt....

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Major battles of Mahdist War

Siege of Khartoum war movies

Siege of Khartoum
13 March 0

During the Mahdi Revolt the forces of Mahdist Sudan besieged the Khartoum under command of General Gordon. The city had fallen after almost a year of siege, when defenders struck by cholera and famine were unable to withheld their positions. During the assault on the the city General Gordon was killed by the mahdists....

Battle of Omdurman war movies

Battle of Omdurman
2 September 1898

General Sir Herbert Kitchener defeated the army of Abdullah al-Taashi, the successor to the self-proclaimed Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad. For Kitchener the battle was a revenge for the death of General Gordon during siege of Khartoum, but from military point of view it was a show of the British army superiority against the much larger enemy, but armed with older weapons. The 8200 British soldiers plus...

War movies about Mahdist War

The Four Feathers 2002 war movie

The Four Feathers 2002

Young officer resigns his commission and wants to get married instead of taking part in risky mission in the desert, but his friends see it as act of cowardice.

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