World War II war movies
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World War II war movies

World War II (1936-1945)

Largest conflict in history of human kind and for many people the only war in history that could be justified. Two countries set to develop on a military basis - Germany and Japan - were overcrowded with limited sources of natural resources, so they both started to expand their territories to gain what Germans called Lebensraum (space to live). Japan have invaded China and then Malaya, Germany by ...

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Major battles of World War II

Battle of Nanking war movies

Battle of Nanking
9 December 1937

After the Manchurian Incident used as a pretext to invade China Japan army begun the offensive towards the major Chinese cities. They reached the capital city of Nanking in December 1937 and making us...

Invasion of Poland war movies

Invasion of Poland
1 September 1939

German invasion of Poland that started the World War 2 in Europe. After the annexation of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia Hitler was looking to take over the Poland, but it wasn’t as easy as w...

Battle of Westerplatte war movies

Battle of Westerplatte
1 September 1939

On the day Germans have invaded Poland their battleship Schleswig-Holstein, that officially was on a courtesy visit in Gdansk, started to bombard the small Polish military outpost of Westerplatte. Wha...

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War movies about World War II

Alfa Tau! 1942 war movie

Alfa Tau! 1942

Tension raises in Italian Navy submarine base when the loses are getting higher. Filmed during the war on board of active submarine.

Flying Tigers 1942 war movie

Flying Tigers 1942

American volunteers of the Flying Tigers squadron fight the Japanese airforce over China.

Wake Island 1942 war movie

Wake Island 1942

Based on true events - at the beginning of World War 2 on Pacific Japanese fleet attacks small outpost on Wake Island, where US Marines prepare few surprises for the invaders.

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War games about World War II

Tigers in the Snow 1981 war game

Tigers in the Snow (1981)

Early strategy game about one of the key battles of World War 2, Battle of the Bulge, the famous last offensive of Germany that took place in December 1944.

Silent Service 1985 war game

Silent Service (1985)

First ever real submarine simulator, Silent Service, built the very basic rules of the genre that were in use for next 20 years.

Ace of Aces 1986 war game

Ace of Aces (1986)

British multi-purpose fighters de Havilland Mosquito in missions over occupied Europe - from bombing vital train to attacking V-1 rockets.

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