Greco-Persian Wars war movies
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Greco-Persian Wars war movies

Greco-Persian Wars (499 BC-449 BC)

A series of conflicts between Persian Empire and Greek city-states. Persian Empire with their dominating position in Middle East was looking to expand their influences to the west and the Greeks were in their way. Twice Persians have invaded Greece and later Greeks have counter-attacked them. The conflicts begun with the Ionian Revolt (region in today Turkey) in which Greek cities in several regions against the Persian tyranny. In 6 years the whole west coast of today Turkey was torn with constant fights. The effect of the war was Persian victory and taking control of the Greek cities in region. After that the Persians look forward to invading the mainland Greece, which they did in 498 BC...

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Major battles of Greco-Persian Wars

Battle of Marathon war movies

Battle of Marathon
September 490 BC

Battle of Marathon took place during the first Persian invasion of Greece. Although the Persian had advantage (26,000 against 11,000), Greeks chose wisely the spot to confront the enemy - area full of marshes and mountains that gave Persians no chance to use their most powerful weapon, cavalry. Second important factor was deployment of the forces - while the Persians always used their best warrior...

Battle of Salamis war movies

Battle of Salamis
September 480 BC

Naval battle during the second Persian invasion of Greece. Outnumbered forces of Athens and their allies managed to defeat the Persian fleet and thus forced Xerxes to retreat to Asia. Even though Persians had advantage in numbers (according to different sources between 2 to 1 or even 4 to 1) they did not reached their target, which was landing near Athens. The description of the battle is rather v...

Battle of Thermopylae war movies

Battle of Thermopylae
8 September 480 BC

During the second invasion of Greece Persian king Xerxes landed his forces on the eastern coast of Greece. The only thing between them and Greek cities was narrow pass called Thermopylae. Greeks could only prepare about 20.000 soldiers to face huge army of Xerxes (between 75.000 and 300.000 soldiers), so the Thermopylae pass was a perfect spot to prepare defence. The phalanx formation set up from ...

Battle of Artemisium war movies

Battle of Artemisium
9 September 480 BC

Battle of Artemisium took place simultaneously to battle of Thermopylae - while the land forces were helding back their position at the narrow pass, Greek fleet at Artemisium prevented the Persian forces from supporting the advancing forces on Thermopylae. Even though the Persian fleet had huge advantage in numbers (1200 ships against 270 Greek) Greeks managed to keep the enemy blocked in Strai...

War movies about Greco-Persian Wars

300 2006 war movie

300 2006

300 Spartans face the mighty Persian army at Thermopylae. Based on a comic book.

300: Rise of an Empire 2014 war movie

300: Rise of an Empire 2014

Xerxes becomes new king of Persia and is determined to finish what his father has started - the invasion of Greece.

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