300: Rise of an Empire war movie
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300: Rise of an Empire war movie

300: Rise of an Empire (2014, United States)

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300: Rise of an Empire

Director: Noam Murro

Czas: 100 minut

Laguages: English

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2024-04-07 / 1970-01-01

Xerxes becomes new king of Persia and is determined to finish what his father has started - the invasion of Greece.

After death of his father Darius, Xerxes becomes the new king of Persia and is determined to finish what his father was unable to do - invade the whole Greece. He sends his most talented navy commander, Greek woman called Artemisia, to lead the mighty fleet that will crush the enemy and open the gate for invasion. The Greece is again divided by politics and Athens no longer can count on support of Sparta. Themistocles, who killed Darius during the last invasion, will have to use all his skills to stop Artemisia, but the first step is to convince the council in Athens and the king Leonidas of Sparta to stand together against the common enemy. While Leonidas marches with his 300 best men to fight the Persians at Thermopylae, Themistocles is provided with 50 ships, which is far from being suitable for the defence of the country. He knows that the fate of whole nation is up to him, so he has to come up with cunning plan to stop Persian fleet before they can land on Greek homeland.

Sequel to film 300, again based not on real events, but on Frank Miller comic books, f.e. in reality Themistocles did not killed Darius, Darius wasn’t even present during the Battle of Marathon, Artemisia was in fact Greek and the character is real, but she was born wealthy princess, not a slave etc. Since the success of 300 the sequel was highly expected, and as usual the final effect is complete flop (at least when it comes to film value). Where to start the list of flaws? Poor and chaotic script that was suppose to be based on comic books by Frank Miller entitled Xerxes, but unfortunately Miller haven’t even finished drawing them. The plot begins as story of Xerxes and his raise to the power, later it switches to Kill Bill-like story of Artemisia and then switches to story of Themistocles and then turns into total chaos. Another problem with the script is that authors filled it with corny dialogues that try to have some deeper meaning and fail each and every time, the characters are pretty much laughable, acting uninspired (like Eva Green trying to be some sort of badass femme fatale or Sullivan Stapleton who looks nothing like a Greek), historical facts are mixed up, the battle scenes are little bit better, but they lack the style of the original 300 - here we have buckets of blood and not very impressive CGI.

Overall it was really poor attempt to make a sequel to 300 - perhaps it was down to inexperienced director, chaotic script or badly chosen cast, but nothing seemed to be right in this production. The final effect is childish gore-fest.

Our rating


Film value

4 / 10

Realism factor

1 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

300: Rise of an Empire 2014 war movie

300: Rise of an Empire full movie

full movie  300: Rise of an Empire
full movie 300: Rise of an Empire

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300: Rise of an Empire

Creators of 300: Rise of an Empire

Noam Murro movies

Noam Murro


Zack Snyder movies

Zack Snyder


Kurt Johnstad movies

Kurt Johnstad


Frank Miller movies

Frank Miller


Cast of 300: Rise of an Empire

Sullivan Stapleton movies sullivan-stapleton

Sullivan Stapleton

as Themistokles

Eva Green movies eva-green

Eva Green

as Artemisia

Tim Matheson movies tim-matheson

Tim Matheson

as Aeskylos

Callan Mulvey movies callan-mulvey

Callan Mulvey

as Scyllias

David Wenham movies david-wenham

David Wenham

as Dilios

Lena Headey movies lena-headey

Lena Headey

as Queen Gorgo

Andrew Tiernan movies andrew-tiernan

Andrew Tiernan

as Ephialtes

Events depicted in 300: Rise of an Empire

Greco-Persian Wars (499 BC-449 BC) Battle of Salamis ( Sep 480 BC) Battle of Artemisium (9 Sep 480 BC)

300: Rise of an Empire full war movie

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