Too Late the Hero war movie
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Too Late the Hero war movie

Too Late the Hero (1970, United States)

Categories: jungle movies infantry movies raid movies ambush movies

Too Late the Hero

Director: Robert Aldrich

Czas: 128 minut

Laguages: English

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2019-02-17 / 2019-02-24

During World War 2 American translator, who so far avoided any combat duty, is sent to New Hebrides Islands, where British are preparing a special operation that could save a lot of American soldiers. This time combat is inevitable.

In 1942 Japanese forces have taken over control of many Pacific islands quickly building infrastructure required for further advance. Lieutenant Sam Lawson of US Navy, interpreter of Japanese language, so far was lucky enough to avoid any combat duty, but it seems that his streak is about to end. He is given orders of transfer to New Hebrides Islands, where his linguistic skill will become handy. Lawson is disgruntled, especially since his upcoming leave have just been cancelled. The operation that he will be part of on New Hebrides is a raid on Japanese base on the northern shore of one of the islands, but to get there he will have to join the British unit in march through the jungle from the southern edge of the island. During the briefing after his arrival Lawson learns why his transfer was rushed - the operation aims to silence the radio station in Japanese base and thus stop enemy from reporting Allied convoy that will pass near the island. The British officers seem to be pleased with Lawson’s arrival, but the soldiers are not that keen to risk their lives in the mission.

American war movie set on one of the New Hebrides islands, where British patrol with American translator try to reach the Japanese base. While the whole premise is questionable (to say the least) and some of the elements of the story are just silly, the whole production is a decent adventure flick with good cast and and interesting atmosphere. Of course it lacks historical accuracy, but still it is above average 1970s war movie.

Our rating


Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

4 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

Too Late the Hero 1970 war movie

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Too Late the Hero

Creators of Too Late the Hero

Robert Aldrich movies

Robert Aldrich


Lukas Heller movies

Lukas Heller


Robert Sherman movies

Robert Sherman


Cast of Too Late the Hero

Cliff Robertson movies cliff-robertson

Cliff Robertson

as Lieutenant Sam Lawson

Michael Caine movies

Michael Caine

as Private Tosh Hearne

Ian Bannen movies ian-bannen

Ian Bannen

as Private Jock Thornton

Denholm Elliott movies denholm-elliott

Denholm Elliott

as Captain Hornsby

Lance Percival movies lance-percival

Lance Percival

as Corporal McLean

Harry Andrews movies harry-andrews

Harry Andrews

as Colonel Thompson

Percy Herbert movies percy-herbert

Percy Herbert

as Sergeant Johnstone

Ronald Fraser movies ronald-fraser

Ronald Fraser

as Private Campbell

Henry Fonda movies

Henry Fonda

as Captain Nolan

Ken Takakura movies ken-takakura

Ken Takakura

as Major Yamaguchi

Events depicted in Too Late the Hero

World War II (1936-1945)

Too Late the Hero full war movie

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