The Pentagon Wars war movie
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The Pentagon Wars war movie

The Pentagon Wars (1998, United States)

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The Pentagon Wars

Director: Richard Benjamin

Czas: 100 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Lieutenant Burton is appointed to evaluate M2 Bradley project that has been under development for many years, but without results. But what he finds during the investigations seems unbelievable.

While appearing before the House Armed Services Committee Major General Partridge recalls in flashbacks the events that took place lately in the testing unit he is in charge of. He was leading the team responsible for the development of Bradley Fighting Vehicle (later to be known as M2 Bradley) and everything was fine - the development was going on for years without reaching the target. But since Pentagon tried to cut down the costs of such projects
Lieutenant Burton, an airmen, was sent to the unit to assess the value of the project.

What Burton found out was that even though the the project was under development for at least 10 years there was very little progress made and no reliable tests have been made so far. But when he tried to establish the value fo the vehicle armor he found out that the missile used on the proving ground... was actually not strong enough to get through the metal door. And more he looked into it more he found the evidence of bureaucratic inefficiency and no real will to actually make the Bradley work. But when he was given the access to the original plans...

Comedy based on the book written by Colonel James G. Burton, but the book was depiction of real events that took place while Burton was appointed to investigate the progress in the Bradley project that was going on for years without entering the production phase. It is not typical war movie, but with interesting plot, good cast and rather dark humour it is great fun to watch the politics behind the weapon development.

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Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

1 / 5

Historical accuracy

5 / 5

The Pentagon Wars 1998 war movie

The Pentagon Wars full movie

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full movie The Pentagon Wars on DVD

Creators of The Pentagon Wars

James G. Burton movies

James G. Burton


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Martyn Burke


Cast of The Pentagon Wars

Cary Elwes movies cary-elwes

Cary Elwes

as Colonel James Burton

Kelsey Grammer movies kelsey-grammer

Kelsey Grammer

as General Partridge

John C. McGinley movies

John C. McGinley

as Colonel Bock

Tom Wright movies tom-wright

Tom Wright

as Major William Sayers

Clifton Powell movies clifton-powell

Clifton Powell

as Sgt. Dalton

Viola Davis movies viola-davis

Viola Davis

as Sgt. Fanning

Richard Schiff movies richard-schiff

Richard Schiff

as Colonel Smith

The Pentagon Wars full war movie

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