Saving Jessica Lynch war movie
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Saving Jessica Lynch war movie

Saving Jessica Lynch (2003, United States)

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Saving Jessica Lynch

Director: Peter Markle

Czas: 95 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Private Jessica Lynch, injured in an ambush, is taken prisoner, but American forces prepare a rescue mission.

During Iraq War the American supply convoy gets lost and digress from original route. They drove into the city of Nasiriyah, where they were soon spotted by Iraqi partisans. Nevertheless Captain King decided to move forward and soon they were ambushed. Iraqis armed with machine guns and RPGs attacked the convoy killing Captain King and several other soldiers. Private Jessica Lynch was injured in the attack and together with few other Americans was taken prisoner. Iraqis put her in the hospital, where she was spotted by Mohammed Al-Rehaief, a lawyer whos wife is a nurse at that hospital. He decided to help Lynch and risked his life to let the American forces know where she is.

Film based on a true story of Private Jessica Lynch, who was taken prisoner after the Battle of Nasiriyah and later rescued by special forces. She was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, but from that point her story of brave fight to the last bullet and how she fought her way out during the rescue mission were questioned. She herself was suprised that media and officials tried to make a heroin of her since she did not do any of the things for which she was awarded a medal. Her weapon jammed at the beginning of the ambush, so she did not even took a single shot.

This movie was, just like the whole "official" story about Jessica Lynch, made for completely wrong reasons. The American propaganda wanted to show people a hero, a reason to fight the war. And according to golden rule "don’t let the truth stand in a way of good story" they made up how Lynch was captured and how she was rescued. When it comes to Saving Jessica Lynch... Well, sometimes people say "this story would make a great movie" and the propaganda version of the events perhaps would, but the real story is far from being even remotely interesting. So the idea was to make something between the truth and the propaganda version and... it failed completely. The movie seems to be taking far too long, there isn’t much going on, it’s hard to care even a little bit about the characters, and so on, and so on. Complete waste of time and effort.

Our rating


Film value

3 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Saving Jessica Lynch 2003 war movie

Creators of Saving Jessica Lynch

Peter Markle movies

Peter Markle


John Fasano movies

John Fasano


Cast of Saving Jessica Lynch

Laura Regan movies laura-regan

Laura Regan

as Pfc Jessica Lynch

Michael Rooker movies

Michael Rooker

as Colonel Curry

Nicholas Guilak movies nicholas-guilak

Nicholas Guilak

as Mohammed Al-Rehaief

Susan Pari movies susan-pari

Susan Pari

as Iman Al-Rehaief

Denise Lee movies denise-lee

Denise Lee

as Spc Shoshana Johnson

Brent Anderson movies brent-anderson

Brent Anderson

as Captain Troy King

Events depicted in Saving Jessica Lynch

Iraq War (2003-2011) Battle of Nasiriyah (23 Mar 2003)

Saving Jessica Lynch full war movie

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