Saffron war movie
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Saffron war movie

Saffron (2019, India)

Original / alternative title: Kesari

Categories: fortress movies last stand movies siege movies


Director: Anurag Singh

Czas: 150 minut

Laguages: Hindi

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2020-05-05 / 2020-05-06

When Afghan tribes revolt against British control of the Tirah Valley 21 Punjab soldiers in secluded outpost are their first target. But while facing the 10,000 opponents the Punjabi decided to take a stand.

In 1897 Afghan tribes decided to unite their forces and attack the British forts in the Tirah Valley. To increase their chances they have to brake communication between them by taking over small outpost called Saragarhi. The Saragarhi fort is defended by 21 Punjab soldiers, under command of recently arrived officer. Sergeant Ishar Singh was transferred here for insubordination - he caused conflict with the locals while rescuing woman from being killed by Mullah Saidullah. The two will soon meet again as the Mullah Saidullah becomes adviser to the tribe leaders, who are approaching Saragarhi. Surprised by the arrival of over 10,000 Afghan warriors British are unable to send reinforcements and Ishar Singh is left alone with 20 people to face the enemy. During the first approach defenders are given chance to just surrender, since the odds are clearly against them, but Ishar Singh and his men decide to take a stand. With limited resources they are on lost position, but they have something to prove, not only to themselves, but also to the British.

There is only one thing you can expect from Indian movies - everything. And Saffron has everything - war, politics, comedy, romance, musical numbers, the invention of scoped rifles, martial arts, magical swords that are hot only on one end, Ringo Starr as villain, evil sniper going through goth phase... But on top of that I have to say it is a surprisingly good war movie. Yes, it is a bit over-the-top, there are bits of fairy tale in it, parts of it are a bit naive, but that is just what Indian cinema is all about.

Our rating


Film value

9 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Saffron 2019 war movie

Saffron full movie

full movie Saffron full movie

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Creators of Saffron

Anurag Singh movies

Anurag Singh


Anurag Singh movies

Anurag Singh


Girish Kohli movies

Girish Kohli


Cast of Saffron

Akshay Kumar movies akshay-kumar

Akshay Kumar

as Ishar Singh

Suvinder Vicky movies suvinder-vicky

Suvinder Vicky

as Lal Singh

Vansh Bhardwaj movies vansh-bhardwaj

Vansh Bhardwaj

as Chanda Singh

Sumeet Basran movies sumeet-basran

Sumeet Basran

as Gurmukh Singh

Ajit Singh movies ajit-singh

Ajit Singh

as Nand Singh

Sandeep Nahar movies sandeep-nahar

Sandeep Nahar

as Buta Singh

Rakesh Sharma movies rakesh-sharma

Rakesh Sharma

as Bhola Singh

Harbhagwan Singh movies harbhagwan-singh

Harbhagwan Singh

as Bhagwan Singh

Parineeti Chopra movies parineeti-chopra

Parineeti Chopra

as Jeevani Kaur

Edward Sonnenblick movies edward-sonnenblick

Edward Sonnenblick

as Lieutenant Lawrence

Rakesh Chaturvedi movies rakesh-chaturvedi

Rakesh Chaturvedi

as Mullah Saidullah

Events depicted in Saffron

Tirah Campaign (1897-1898) Battle of Saragarhi (12 Sep 1897)

Saffron full war movie

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