Michiel de Ruyter war movie
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Michiel de Ruyter war movie

Michiel de Ruyter (2015, Netherlands)

Original / alternative title: Admiral

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Michiel de Ruyter

Director: Roel Reine

Czas: 130 minut

Laguages: English

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2018-07-29 / 2018-07-29

The portrait of Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter, who challenged the English navy in 17th century and saved his country independence during a difficult time for Netherlands.

In 17th century Dutch Republic was in constant siege - after they regained their independence from Spain England was trying to force Dutch merchants out of the most profitable routes, which lead to an open war. While their fleet was consisting mostly of the armed merchant ships it was clear that English blockade of Dutch coast will be hard to lift. In the battle of Scheveningen their most respected admiral, Maarten Tromp, is killed and Dutch Republic is forced to sign peace treaty. Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt decides that Dutch fleet needs a complete reform and finds a man, who could handle it, experience Michiel de Ruyter. Unfortunately de Ruyter turns the offer down, feeling that not being of aristocracy he would not gain the respect of his men. Also he promised his wife Anna that his fighting days are over. But de Witt was persistent since the other candidate was arrogant Cornelis Tromp, son of the deceased Admiral Tromp, and de Ruyter finally agrees to take over the command of the navy. Quickly he realizes that the reform of the navy is inevitable - he demands bigger warships that would match the power of the English, but also he introduced more rigorous tactics and signal flags system to control the units during the battle. Soon the tensions between Dutch Republic and England lead to another war.

War movie about Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter and his role in the Dutch independence during 17th century. While mostly accurate and rather impressive in reconstruction of the naval battles of the era, also showing the complicated political situation, film in some parts moves away from the historical facts and enters into realms of fantasy. On one hand we have impressive action scenes, but on the other some facts of de Ruyter’s life were changed or parts of it omitted. Nevertheless it is a impressive production that is worth a look.

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Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

5 / 5

Adventure factor

4 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Michiel de Ruyter 2015 war movie

Michiel de Ruyter full movie

full movie Michiel de Ruyter full movie
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Michiel de Ruyter

Creators of Michiel de Ruyter

Roel Reine movies

Roel Reine


Lars Boom movies

Lars Boom


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Alex van Galen


Cast of Michiel de Ruyter

Frank Lammers movies frank-lammers

Frank Lammers

as Michiel de Ruyter

Barry Atsma movies barry-atsma

Barry Atsma

as Johan de Witt

Sanne Langelaar movies sanne-langelaar

Sanne Langelaar

as Anna de Ruyter

Charles Dance movies charles-dance

Charles Dance

as Charles II

Egbert-Jan Weber movies egbert-jan-weber

Egbert-Jan Weber

as William III

Roeland Fernhout movies roeland-fernhout

Roeland Fernhout

as Cornelis de Witt

Hajo Bruins movies hajo-bruins

Hajo Bruins

as Cornelis Tromp

Rutger Hauer movies rutger-hauer

Rutger Hauer

as Maarten Tromp

Gene Bervoets movies gene-bervoets

Gene Bervoets

as Van Ginneken

Derek de Lint movies derek-de-lint

Derek de Lint

as Kievit

Colin Mace movies colin-mace

Colin Mace

as Admiral Monck

Events depicted in Michiel de Ruyter

Anglo-Dutch Wars (1652-1784) Battle of Scheveningen (31 Jul 1653) Four Days’ Battle (1 Jun 1666) Raid on the Medway (9 Jun 1667)

Michiel de Ruyter trivia

Four Days Battle

Although the movie shows Four Days Battle as the first time de Ruyter met with English fleet as admiral, in reality he undertook two campaigns before that battle (on western coast of Africa and on Caribbean Islands).

Themes in Michiel de Ruyter

British navyDutch navy

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Michiel de Ruyter full war movie

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