Darkest of Days war game
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Darkest of Days war game

Darkest of Days (2009)


War games that starts during the battle of Little Big Horn and later takes the player through time to American Civil War, World War I and World War II. It is done by the mix of war simulation and science fiction elements. Player becomes one of the soldiers of the faction that tries to keep the history unchanged. That’s why from time to time we are given the chance to use futuristic weapon in the historical reality. Game takes place in American Civil War during Battle of Antientam, World War I during the Battle of Tannenberg with small episodes during World War II and in Pompeii during the eruption of Vesuvius.

The game gives rather unique chance to see the battles from first person point of view when the machine guns were not yet available for infantry. But that is the only strong point of the game - the main plot involving interventions in history and travel through times are handed in rather clumsy way with scenes of several minutes just listening to the dialogue and yawning. Also towards the end the science fiction plot takes over the game and Darkest of Days becomes simple shooter without much value. The game is highly linear and thus not very likely to attract the players again.

Also it is important to mention that creators did mention that they "incorporated extensive research on the time periods, locations and weapons" and when it comes to weapons they did fairly good, but the locations has nothing to do with reality. No matter where we are there are a lot of hills and mountain while Battle of Antiem took place on the plains, Battle of Tannenberg took place in the are where are absolutely no hills or mountains.

Darkest of Days was fairly good idea, done with decent effort, but playability of the game is low and it is just another shooter.

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