Polish November Uprising war movies
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Polish November Uprising war movies

Polish November Uprising (1830-1831)

November Uprising of 1830 (also known as Polish-Russian War or the Cadet Revolution), was an armed rebellion of Polish insurgents against the Russian Empire. At that time Poland as a country didn’t formally exist since its area was annected by the three empires around - Russia, Prussia and Austria. The November Uprising was the attempt to regain the independence, but the Polish insurgence forces weren’t armed good enough to have any chance against Russian Empire - a lot of the insurgents were simple farmers armed only with slightly modified scythes (hence the name "kosynierzy" - "scythemen"). Despite some local successes, the uprising was eventually crushed in less than a year by the pow...

war movies about Polish November UprisingPolish Polish November Uprising movies

War movies about Polish November Uprising

Squadron 1992 war movie

Squadron 1992

During the Polish Uprising young Russian officer begins to realize how morality changes during the war.

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