Texas Revolution war movies
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Texas Revolution war movies

Texas Revolution (1835-1836)

After Mexican dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna forced new laws that made the government more centralized it provoked secession movements in several Mexican states, including Texas. The Texians (residents of Mexican Texas) began to look forward to independence. The militia force throughout the republic were prepared to defend against the Mexican army led by the Santa Anna. Their first confrontation was the famous battle of Alamo, where the Mexicans have wiped out the 189 defenders of old mission turned into fort.

Later the Mexicans managed to win several smaller battles against the militia, but Texas Army led by General Houston for over a month was using "The Runaway Scrape" tactics, which was basically a military retreat and waiting for Santa Anna to make a mistake. When Santa Anna split his forces Houston confronted him in battle of San Jacinto where Mexicans were smashed (half of the solders were killed other half captured while Texans lost only 9 men). General Santa Anna was captured and in order to save his life he agreed to give the Texas independence.

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Major battles of Texas Revolution

Battle of the Alamo war movies

Battle of the Alamo
6 March 1836

Confrontation between Texas revolutionary militia and Mexican army led by general Santa Anna. Alamo was old mission during the revolution turned into a fort. The Mexicans had vastly outnumbered the defenders (10 to 1), among which where the two legends of the wild America - James Bowie and Davy Crockett, but the militia men refused to surrender. General Santa Anna prepared the plan of assault, ...

Battle of San Jacinto war movies

Battle of San Jacinto
21 April 1836

After the fall of Alamo Mexican army led by general Santa Anna pushed towards the north, while the Texas army led by general Houston was retreating using the plan to wait with the confrontation until Santa Anna will make a mistake. After four weeks of moving back and back the soldiers were losing their morale, but soon it changed when Santa Anna, convinced that Houston is cornered, decided to spli...

War movies about Texas Revolution

The Alamo 1960 war movie

The Alamo 1960

When Mexican General Santa Anna is marching towards Texas defenders of mission in Alamo decides to sacrifice their lives and give Texans time to prepare defence.

The Alamo 2004 war movie

The Alamo 2004

Texas militia men in their famous last stand in the mission of Alamo. Based on true events.

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