Saint Francis Raid (Seven Years War) war movies
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Saint Francis Raid (Seven Years War) war movies

Saint Francis Raid 4 October 1759

Seven Years War

Raid on Abenaki Indian village Saint Francis executed by Rogers’ Rangers. The raid was part of Seven Years’ War (known in America as French and Indian War) and its aim was retaliation on Indians for helping French army in the area (which was French province at the time). The military value was marginal (or even none), but the psychological impact was important for the British.

Rogers and about 140 of his men undetected moved down the Saint Lawrence River by boats and attacked the village, which was reportedly occupied primarily by women, children, and the elderly. They slaughtered about 30-50 civilians and retreated by dense forest and dangerous swamps.

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War movies about Saint Francis Raid

Northwest Passage 1940 war movie

Northwest Passage 1940

Rogers’ Rangers go on a raid to plunder the Indian village located behind enemy lines.

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