Second Moroccan War war movies
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Second Moroccan War war movies

Second Moroccan War (1920-1926)

Second Moroccan War (also known as Rif War) was rebellion of the Rif region Berbers (led by Abd al-Karim) against the colonial power occupying the area - Spain and France. Due to the Treaty of Fez in 1912 Spain gained the control over the Northern Morocco. In 1920 Spanish commissioner, General Berenguer, decided to conquer additional territory from the Jibala tribe, which led to open rebellion of the Berbers. Their forces where not as large as Spanish, yet they managed to use their legendary fighting skills to defeat the Spain in several battles and pushed its army to city of Melilla. Abd al-Karim gave orders that the city is not to be attacked, fearing that death of foreigners (other than S...

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War movies about Second Moroccan War

Legionnaire 1998 war movie

Legionnaire 1998

Boxer from Marseille gets in trouble with local gangster and choses to join the French Foreign Legion rather than face him. Soon he might regret that decision.

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