Battle of Pork Chop Hill (Korean War) war movies
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Battle of Pork Chop Hill (Korean War) war movies

Battle of Pork Chop Hill 23 March 1953

Korean War

Battle of Pork Chop Hill was a series of attacks and counter attacks on the fortified hill near Yeoncheon in South Korea. While the armistice negotiations were held in Panmunjom (today the border between the two Koreas) a surprising night attack of Chinese Army on 23rd March 1953 started the first battle and in 3 weeks Chinese took the hill, where the bunkers and trenches were located. Few days later American army made the counter attack and heavy fights took over the Pork Chop Hill. In July, when the armistice talks were still in progress Chinese again made the surprise night attack and at the cost of heavy casualties took over the hill.

The battles for Pork Chop hill were famous (or rather infamous) for their pointlessness - the heavy fights (with many casualties) were fought for the area of no strategic nor tactical value. It seems like United States and China were just trying to use the success on the Pork Chop Hill as a bargaining chip in the armistice negotiations. While United Nations forces lost about 250 soldiers and about 1000 wounded the Chinese were sending waves and waves of their people and lost over 1500 dead and 4000 wounded.

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Pork Chop Hill 1959 war movie

Pork Chop Hill 1959

American attack on the fortified hill on the North Korea border is only beginning of the long and blood battle for the spot of no importance.

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