Battle of Pohang-dong (Korean War) war movies
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Battle of Pohang-dong (Korean War) war movies

Battle of Pohang-dong 5 August 1950

Korean War

During North Korean offensive at the beginning of Korean War. South Korean forces were falling back under the pressure from enemy until they reached the vicinity of Pohang-dong on the eastern coast of Korea Peninsula, where with support of United Nations the offensive was put on halt. Three divisions of North Korean Army were attacking the area, but with support of American carrier-based planes and bombardment from warships South Korean were able to prepare a line of defence. North Koreans were on a verge of exhaustion from constant offensive, their supply lines were overstretched and with air superiority and naval bombardment they were unable to push forward. After two weeks of fight over the area North Koreans were pushed back.

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War movies about Battle of Pohang-dong

71: Into the Fire 2010 war movie

71: Into the Fire 2010

71 South Korean students with only basic training and minimal supplies are left to stall the North Korean invasion until the regular army will reach the strategic. Movie based on a true events that took place during Korean War in 1950.

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