Australian war movies about World War II
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Australian war movies about World War II

Australian World War II movies

Australian war moviesWorld War II war movies

Sisters of War 2010 war movie

Sisters of War 2010

The fate of Australian nurses and nuns trapped on the New Britain island after the Japanese invasion.

Sahara 1995 war movie

Sahara 1995

M3 Lee crew is separated from their unit and has to find the way to survive in the middle of the desert surrounded by Germans.

The Railway Man 2014 war movie

The Railway Man 2014

Eric Lomax can talk for hours about his life passion - the railways. The only thing he can’t talk about is what happened to him during the war, when he was forced to build the Burma Railway.

Attack Force Z 1982 war movie

Attack Force Z 1982

Small Australian commandos unit lands on a Pacific island on a mission to find survivors from plane crash.

Canopy 2013 war movie

Canopy 2013

Australian pilot shot down above Malaya has to face the wild jungle and Japanese patrols on the way to safety.

Kokoda 2006 war movie

Kokoda 2006

Small group of Australian soldiers are detached from their unit and has to survive in the jungle of New Guinea.

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