Anglo-Dutch Wars war movies
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Anglo-Dutch Wars war movies

Anglo-Dutch Wars (1652-1784)

Series of conflicts between England and Dutch States that derived from the merchant expansion of both countries - for centuries both sides were competing for fisheries and trade in Europe, the discovery of new parts of the world opened brand new chapter. The colonies in Americas, Far East and Africa were generating a lot of income, so the tensions between English and Dutch were rising. While Dutch were concentrating on their merchant navy, Oliver Cromwell after English Civil War concentrated on rebuilding the navy with warships. Since Dutch already had well developed network of merchant routes and English were unable to compete they started the tactics to force out the competitors using t...

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Major battles of Anglo-Dutch Wars

Battle of Scheveningen war movies

Battle of Scheveningen
31 July 1653

The last battle of First Anglo-Dutch war - after English navy managed to blockade the Dutch coast and thus cause a lot of damage to their economy, the Admiral de With with 27 ships was trapped on the Texel island. Admiral Maarten Tromp came to his rescue with fleet 100 ships strong, managed to gain tactical advantage over General at Sea George Monck and draw his forces away from Texel, which gave ...

Four Days’ Battle war movies

Four Days’ Battle
1 June 1666

After First Anglo-Dutch war the Dutch navy was undergoing a major reform under new commander, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, that included switching from mass production of merchant-only oriented ships to production of large warships and also introduction of English-like system of signal flags. English were looking for a chance of stopping the growth of Dutch navy and during the Second Anglo-Dutch ...

Holmes’ Bonfire war movies

Holmes’ Bonfire
19 August 1666

During Second Anglo-Dutch War the St. James’s Day battle casualties caused Dutch navy to retreat to ports. Having the complete control over North Sea English commanders prepared a raid on Dutch coast. While most of the ports were well guarded English made use of the knowledge brought by Dutch captain, Laurens Heemskerck, who fled to England. He pointed the West-Terschelling mooring as good targe...

Raid on the Medway war movies

Raid on the Medway
9 June 1667

During Second Anglo-Dutch War, at the point in which both sides were struggling to carry on fighting and peace negotiations in Breda had already started, Dutch put into motion a plan to raid English ports on Medway River. Admiral de Ruyter and Admiral van Ghent approached the coast near Thames and while van Ghent was securing the rear de Ruyter approached the English town of Sheerness, forts ne...

War movies about Anglo-Dutch Wars

Michiel de Ruyter 2015 war movie

Michiel de Ruyter 2015

The portrait of Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter, who challenged the English navy in 17th century and saved his country independence during a difficult time for Netherlands.

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