Warsaw Uprising (World War II) war movies
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Warsaw Uprising (World War II) war movies

Warsaw Uprising 1 August 1944

World War II

While the Soviet army was closing on Polish capitol city local resistance groups under command of Armia Krajowa (Home Army) decided to start the uprising in Warsaw. Mostly young students and even small boys attacked German forces in Warsaw expecting Soviets to come within days. But on Stalin’s decision the offensive towards Warsaw stopped just across the river from where the uprising started. The resistance supported by the civilians, armed with only light arms and what they could get from dead Germans, lasted 2 months and 1 day of heavy fights against veteran German forces supported by heavy artillery, flame throwers, tanks and planes.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wanted to make drops of supplies from airplanes to support the insurgents, but they would have to operate from Soviet airfields and again Stalin opposed to it. The uprising costed lives of about 50,000 insurgents, over 150,000 civilians and lead to turning the whole city in ruins.

Although the Warsaw Uprising showed the spirit of freedom and the courage of insurgents it still causes much controversy even among Poles if the decision to start the uprising wasn’t hasty since the insurgency forces didn’t have any exit strategy from the battle if Soviets wouldn’t help them. The effect was that many civilians ended up trapped inside besieged city and often were used as target for Nazi retaliations.

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Equipment used during Warsaw Uprising

War movies about Warsaw Uprising

Canal 1957 war movie

Canal 1957

During Warsaw Uprising the insurgents are forced to enter the labirynth of sewer system in order to survive.

The Night of the Generals 1967 war movie

The Night of the Generals 1967

German general becomes suspect in the murder investigation.

The Pianist 2002 war movie

The Pianist 2002

Talented Jewish pianist is trapped in occupied Warsaw, where he can only count on other people that will help him survive another day.

City 44 2014 war movie

City 44 2014

Young people join the Polish resistance for upcoming Warsaw Uprising. Their dreams and naive optimism soon clashes with the hard reality.

The Messenger 2019 war movie

The Messenger 2019

The true story of Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, who was sent during World War 2 with mission to reach the command of Polish underground in Nazi occupied Warsaw.

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