Invasion of Poland (World War II) war movies
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Invasion of Poland (World War II) war movies

Invasion of Poland 1 September 1939

World War II

German invasion of Poland that started the World War 2 in Europe. After the annexation of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia Hitler was looking to take over the Poland, but it wasn’t as easy as with other countries since Poland have signed the alliance with United Kingdom and France which guaranteed that in case of attack both those countries would help Poland.

But Hitler have already signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Russia which meant that both countries would invade Poland, so in 1 September 1939 Germans used the provocation of attack on German radio station in Silesia to invade Poland. The great technology advantage of Germany helped them use the blitzkrieg strategy and within 2 weeks they gained over 300 kilometres.

Polish government decided to evacuate to neutral Romania and gave the order to the soldiers to do the same, so they could be regrouped when the France and Great Britain will attack the Germans. But this never happened - United Kingdom did declare war on Germany, but neither they nor France were keen on actually attacking the Germans.

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War movies about Invasion of Poland

Lotna 1959 war movie

Lotna 1959

Polish cavalry unit receives beautiful horse called Lotna, but soon they are conviced that the horse brings them bad luck.

The Affair Gleiwitz 1961 war movie

The Affair Gleiwitz 1961

On the dawn of he war Germans prepare one more covert operation to justify the invasion of Poland - they plan to dress up us Polish radicals and break into radio station.

How I Unleashed World War II 1970 war movie

How I Unleashed World War II 1970

Polish soldier that involuntary keeps getting in hot water during the World War 2.

Operation Himmler 1979 war movie

Operation Himmler 1979

In summer of 1939 Germans are preparing the last element that will justify their invasion of Poland - the Operation Himmler - covert operation on the territory of Poland.

Barbed Wire 1983 war movie

Barbed Wire 1983

Three volunteers that are about to embark on risky mission recall their past presenting what lead them to the point there are in right now.

The Winds of War 1983 war movie

The Winds of War 1983

Victor ’Pug’ Henry is appointed naval attaché to American embassy in Berlin in 1939. Even though US intelligence is convinced the open war in Europe is unlikely Pug sends an alarming report to Washington suggesting that Germans are fully prepared to attack.

The Golden Train 1986 war movie

The Golden Train 1986

During German invasion in 1939 Polish government try to evacuate the gold reserves to Great Britain via Romania, which would be hard enough even without constant attacks from German saboteurs.

Korczak 1990 war movie

Korczak 1990

Polish doctor of Jewish descent refuses to leave the country when Germans are invading. He takes care of the children in orphanage even though he risks his life every day.

The Pianist 2002 war movie

The Pianist 2002

Talented Jewish pianist is trapped in occupied Warsaw, where he can only count on other people that will help him survive another day.

Katyn 2007 war movie

Katyn 2007

In September 1939 Germans invade Poland, but just two weeks later Soviet army attack Poland from the east and Polish civilians and soldiers are trapped between two empires. The fate of Polish officers is sealed once they are arrested by NKVD.

1939 Battle of Westerplatte 2013 war movie

1939 Battle of Westerplatte 2013

At the beginning of the World War 2 small outpost of Polish army is under attack and the officers are divided on what should they do.

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