Battle of the Atlantic (World War II) war movies
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Battle of the Atlantic (World War II) war movies

Battle of the Atlantic 3 September 1939

World War II

Although known as battle in fact it was the longest campaign during the World War II (from 3 September 1939 till 8 May 1945). Allies used the naval convoys to transport goods, equipment and troops from North America to Britain and Russia to help those countries keep up the fight against Germany. Hitler on the other hand did not have enough warships to face Royal Navy, so chose to use U-Boats to attack those convoys and thus cut off European Allies from supplies.

Battle of Atlantic was first of the technology races during World War 2 - at the beginning British Navy was unable to prevent the losses of the merchant ships, but the invention of ASDIC (active sonar mounted on destroyers) and adding escort ships to the convoys gave them the upper hand. Germans were improving the technology of their submarines, later chose the tactics of not single sub attacks, but using several U-Boats at the same time (units called Wolfpacks), which made it much harder for the escort ships to stop them.

With time airplanes became important factor in that battle - Germans had very limited air units capable of attacking the convoys, on the other hand Allies improved their use of long-range planes (such as PBY Catalina) to attack U-Boats surfaced and often even submerged.

While during first months of the war U-Boats were serious threat to the very existence of Great Britain together with the improvement of technology they soon became almost obsolete and their effectiveness dropped significantly.

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Equipment used during Battle of the Atlantic

War movies about Battle of the Atlantic

Action in the North Atlantic 1943 war movie

Action in the North Atlantic 1943

American merchant navy crew takes part in the large convoy to Murmansk and faces German submarines and planes.

Lifeboat 1944 war movie

Lifeboat 1944

During World War 2 survivors from ship sunk by U-boat climb aboard the sole lifeboat. Among them is German sailor from the submarine, now they have to work together to find a way to survive.

The Enemy Below 1957 war movie

The Enemy Below 1957

American destroyer detects the German U-Boot. Each of the ships has experienced captain that knows all the tricks - the battle of the wits begins.

Sharks and Little Fish 1957 war movie

Sharks and Little Fish 1957

Young cadets join the pride of German navy, the submarines, to get the chance to be the attacking side for once.

Sink the Bismarck! 1960 war movie

Sink the Bismarck! 1960

Royal Navy faces a greatest challenge so far - new German battleship Bismarck is about to leave Baltic Sea and serve as raider on Atlantic. Captain Shepard has to find a way to sink the colossus before it will attack the Allied convoys.

Das Boot 1981 war movie

Das Boot 1981

The life on board of U-Boot during the patrol of U-96 on Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea is far from what Nazi propaganda tries to tell German nation.

The Winds of War 1983 war movie

The Winds of War 1983

Victor ’Pug’ Henry is appointed naval attaché to American embassy in Berlin in 1939. Even though US intelligence is convinced the open war in Europe is unlikely Pug sends an alarming report to Washington suggesting that Germans are fully prepared to attack.

U-571 2000 war movie

U-571 2000

Americans send their submarine to intercept damaged U-571 and the Enigma machine that, in their minds, will change the face of the war.

Enigma 2001 war movie

Enigma 2001

Cryptanalyst Tom Jericho returns to Bletchley Park only to find that his ex-girlfriend has gone missing and Germans has just changed the cypher in Enigma machines.

Below 2002 war movie

Below 2002

American submarine picks up survivors from lifeboat in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and strange thing begin to happen.

In Enemy Hands 2004 war movie

In Enemy Hands 2004

Incident in the middle of Atlantic Ocean brings together the unlikely companions - crews of German and American submarines.

War games about Battle of the Atlantic

Wolfpack 1990 war game

Wolfpack (1990)

1990 Amiga game that was not first stab at the submarine simulation, but was first to simulate the actually wolfpacks of U-Boats and not only single submarine.

Das Boot 1990 war game

Das Boot (1990)

Inspired by the classic war movie Das Boot was an attempt to transfer it to the world of computer games, but the attempt was hardly a fully successful despite some interesting elements being featured for the first time in a subsim.

Silent Hunter II 2001 war game

Silent Hunter II (2001)

Submarine simulator in which you take command of German U-Boat during World War 2 in a series of missions.

Silent Hunter III 2005 war game

Silent Hunter III (2005)

Third Silent Hunter game, again with German U-Boat as the main character, but this time complete freedom in selecting targets.

Silent Hunter 5 2010 war game

Silent Hunter 5 (2010)

Fifth Silent Hunter game with interesting features, like option to walk through whole boat and speak with the crew.

Atlantic Fleet 2016 war game

Atlantic Fleet (2016)

Turn based strategy / simulation of World War 2 naval warfare during Battle of the Atlantic.

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