Battle of Leyte (World War II) war movies
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Battle of Leyte (World War II) war movies

Battle of Leyte 20 October 1944

World War II

In October 1944 Philippines were the last stronghold of Japanese army and their last hope to maintain supply of oil and rubber to their homeland. Americans prepared the operation to land on Philippines for three reasons primary was to cut off the supplies for Japan, secondary was to establish air bases that would improve the air superiority in the area before attacking main islands of Japan. Third reason was rather personal - in 1942 General MacArthur was evacuated from Philippines aboard torpedo boats while Japanese were invading the country and on that day he made a promise to return to Philippines and he was keen to fulfil that promise (with media coverage, of course).

In summer 1944 air operations over Philippines, carried by pilots from aircraft carriers, proved that Japanese defence in the area is weak, which triggered the decision to speed up the landing operation. Amphibious invasion in the Gulf of Leyte was supported by the Filipino guerrilla forces operations and for next 5 months the fights with Imperial Army continued in different parts of the island.

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War movies about Battle of Leyte

Back To Bataan 1945 war movie

Back To Bataan 1945

American soldier organizes the Filipino guerrillas to disrupt the Japanese occupation and prepare ground for Allied invasion.

Flat Top 1952 war movie

Flat Top 1952

Experienced Commander Dan Collier is in charge of group of new pilots aboard the American aircraft carrier on Pacific during World War 2, through strict discipline and tough training he tries to prepare his men for the encounter with enemy fighters.

Fires on the Plain 1959 war movie

Fires on the Plain 1959

Japanese army at the end of the war - lacking discipline and desperate on surviving.

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