American World War I war movies
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American World War I war movies

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American war movies about World War I

Paths of Glory 1957 war movie

Paths of Glory 1957

After failed attack the French general demands the random soldiers to be killed as an example what happens to the cowards.

War Horse 2011 war movie

War Horse 2011

Story of a horse named Joey as he takes part in the World War I and strong bond between him and English teenager that soon will have to join the army.

British Intelligence 1940 war movie

British Intelligence 1940

German spy is sent to Great Britain to gather informations from household of cabinet minister Arthur Bennett. But in the world of spies nothing is simple.

The African Queen 1951 war movie

The African Queen 1951

The unlike duo of drunkard and sister of catholic missionary are palnning to sink a German ship that terrorizes the area.

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