War in Afghanistan war movies
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War in Afghanistan war movies

War in Afghanistan (2001-2014)

After the 9/11 attacks in America United States invaded the Afghanistan in search for the al-Qaeda leaders that were behind the attacks. At that point Afghanistan was torn by civil war that was going on for long years and there was virtually no central power that would keep the peace in the country. Islamic extremists from Taliban Emirate were trying to take over the territory when the invasion has started. American president George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden (the mastermind behind operation) and expel al-Qaeda from their country, but Taliban denied those demands. American and British special forces were deployed in Afghanistan, later International Security ...

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War movies about War in Afghanistan

The Patrol 2013 war movie

The Patrol 2013

British Operational Mentor and Liaison Team is sent on patrol in Afghanistan province of Helmand. While the officer sees it as his duty rest of the team is much more disillusioned with the War in Afghanistan.

Lone Survivor 2013 war movie

Lone Survivor 2013

Special operation of Navy Seals in Afghanistan goes from "shock and awe" to "show and awry" in this film based on true events. Very, very loosely based to be exact.

Kajaki: The True Story 2014 war movie

Kajaki: The True Story 2014

True story of British soldiers in Afghanistan, who got trapped in the minefield and had to find a way to survive until proper rescue equipment can be found.

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