Battle of Hue (Vietnam War) war movies
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Battle of Hue (Vietnam War) war movies

Battle of Hue 30 January 1968

Vietnam War

One of the bloodiest and longest battles of the Vietnam War (it lasted over a month). After the Viet Cong started the Tet Offensive as a new strategy (attacking the large cities instead of fighting in the jungle), the industrial city of Hue was one of their main targets - over 12,000 partisans were deployed to attack Hue. American and South Vietnam forces were unprepared for such change in the battleplan and it took them weeks to prepare the counter-offensive in the city using artillery and airplanes bombardment. Since Hue was already partly in ruins the fights were very hard and caused much casualties. Overall in the whole fight around Hue over 1,5 million of soldiers were involved on both sides.

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Brutal training of US Marines is just a small step towards the thing that are awaiting them in Vietnam.

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The break out of Tet Offensive in Vietnam War has caught you among the Americans in Hanoi - find a way out of the city under attack.

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