Tirah Campaign war movies
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Tirah Campaign war movies

Tirah Campaign (1897-1898)

Tirah Campaign, sometimes called Tirah Expedition, was the British operation in the Tirah Valley on the border between today India and Afghanistan. Local tribes of Afridi were paid by the British to guard the famous Khyber Pass that linked the two regions, but in 1897 Afridi took over control of the pass and prepared attack on the nearby British forts. Their first target was Saragarhi in September 1897, a small outpost guarder by 21 Punjab soldiers, who, while facing about 10,000 enemies, decided to take the stand and died defending the fort. But for attacking Afridis this was a Pyrrhic victory, the delay in overpowering the fort meant that the British brought reinforcements and planned atta...

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Major battles of Tirah Campaign

Battle of Saragarhi war movies

Battle of Saragarhi
12 September 1897

In 1897 on the border between India and Afghanistan local Afridi and Orakzai tribes suddenly took over control of the Khyber Pass, even though British were paying them for guarding the pass. Soon after they moved to attack British outposts in the Tirah Valley, with small communication fort Saragarhi as their first target. They chose this target to break the communication between British forces in ...

War movies about Tirah Campaign

Saffron 2019 war movie

Saffron 2019

When Afghan tribes revolt against British control of the Tirah Valley 21 Punjab soldiers in secluded outpost are their first target. But while facing the 10,000 opponents the Punjabi decided to take a stand.

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