Battle of the Alamo (Texas Revolution) war movies
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Battle of the Alamo (Texas Revolution) war movies

Battle of the Alamo 6 March 1836

Texas Revolution

Confrontation between Texas revolutionary militia and Mexican army led by general Santa Anna. Alamo was old mission during the revolution turned into a fort. The Mexicans had vastly outnumbered the defenders (10 to 1), among which where the two legends of the wild America - James Bowie and Davy Crockett, but the militia men refused to surrender.

General Santa Anna prepared the plan of assault, but it was preceded by almost two weeks of siege during which they have bombarded the mission not to let the defenders get any rest. The assault was made on the dawn of March 6, 1836 and within an hour the battle was over. All of the 189 defenders were killed and Mexicans have lost about 600 men dead or wounded.

The battle is one of the most famous last stands in history.

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War movies about Battle of the Alamo

The Alamo 1960 war movie

The Alamo 1960

When Mexican General Santa Anna is marching towards Texas defenders of mission in Alamo decides to sacrifice their lives and give Texans time to prepare defence.

The Alamo 2004 war movie

The Alamo 2004

Texas militia men in their famous last stand in the mission of Alamo. Based on true events.

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