Soviet-Afghan War war movies
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Soviet-Afghan War war movies

Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989)

Soviet-Afghan War was a 10-year-long conflict initiated by the invasion of Soviet Army on the country. At that point Afghanistan, since the monarchy have collapsed due to coup, turned into country full of chaos with many factions fighting for power with communist party People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan taking over the government. They appealed to the biggest supporter, Soviet Union, for help in consolidating their power over country, which lead to full scale invasion of Soviet Army in December 1979. Soviets had no problem in taking over the major metropolises of Afghanistan, but instead of crushing the opposition this lead to a increase in insurgency activity. From that point Sovie...

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War movies about Soviet-Afghan War

The Beast of War 1988 war movie

The Beast of War 1988

During War in Afghanistan damaged Soviet tank T-55 retreats after attack on the village. Chased by the mujahideen fighters the crew gets lost in the narrow gorges and they suddenly become prey for the Afghans.

9th Company 2005 war movie

9th Company 2005

Based on true events story of Soviet 9th Company 345th Independent Guards Airborne Regiment surrounded on the Hill 3234 by the overwhelming mujahideen forces during Soviet-Afghan War.

Charlie Wilson’s War 2007 war movie

Charlie Wilson’s War 2007

Charlie Wilson, Texas Congressman, is more interested in patrying all night than taking care of the United States defence. Things changes when he learns about the Afghan warriors that are fighting with Soviet invasion.

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