Seven Years War war movies
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Seven Years War war movies

Seven Years War (1754-1763)

The first actual world war - although only European countries were involved in the conflict their influences on colonial lands made the war affect Europe, North America, Central America, the West African coast, India and the Philippines. Also the war is know under different names in different countries, f.e. as French and Indian War in North America, Pomeranian War in Sweden and Prussia, Third Carnatic War in India and Third Silesian War in Austria. Conflict started between Great Britain and France, when in 1754 British attacked disputed areas in North America, that were under control of France, and seized hundreds of French merchant ships. In Central Europe Prussia was in conflict with A...

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Major battles of Seven Years War

Saint Francis Raid war movies

Saint Francis Raid
4 October 1759

Raid on Abenaki Indian village Saint Francis executed by Rogers’ Rangers. The raid was part of Seven Years’ War (known in America as French and Indian War) and its aim was retaliation on Indians for helping French army in the area (which was French province at the time). The military value was marginal (or even none), but the psychological impact was important for the British. Rogers and ab...

War movies about Seven Years War

Northwest Passage 1940 war movie

Northwest Passage 1940

Rogers’ Rangers go on a raid to plunder the Indian village located behind enemy lines.

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