Rwandan Civil War war movies
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Rwandan Civil War war movies

Rwandan Civil War (1990-1994)

Since 1884, when Berlin Conference gave Germany control over Rwanda, the colonial officials were segregating the inhabitants of the area into 3 groups: Twa, Hutu and Tutsi. While Twa were descendants of the pygmy tribes that lived there for thousands of years, Hutu and Tutsi were Bantu tribes that migrated into Rwanda some time between 700 BC and 1500 AD. At least that’s the theory since with time it was more and more difficult to distinguish any differences between Hutu and Tutsi, so another theory is that the groups have evolved as caste system, rather than two different ethnic groups. But since Germans took over the area in 1884 they came up with the theory that origins of Tutsi were ra...

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War movies about Rwandan Civil War

Hotel Rwanda 2004 war movie

Hotel Rwanda 2004

When genocide in Rwanda begins Paul Rusesabagina, manager of hotel in Kigali, has to find a way to save his family, but soon he becomes the last hope for Tutsi looking for refuge from the horror flooding the streets.

Sometimes in April 2005 war movie

Sometimes in April 2005

Ten years after the genocide in Rwanda former soldier Augustin Muganza visits his brother, who is awaiting trial in front of international tribunal for war crimes. There is a reason they haven’t spoke in years...

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