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Military raids may have different objectives - from attack on military or civilian objects, reconnaissance mission, rescue mission or even assassination mission. They are the ultimate precise tool in every battleplan.


Black Brigade 1970 war movie

Black Brigade 1970

White officer takes charge of the unit formed entirely of Black Americans - their morale is low, they are poorly trained, but now he has to lead them on a suicidal mission behind enemy lines.

Escape to Athena 1979 war movie

Escape to Athena 1979

Prisoners on the Greek island plan to escape by... breaking into German military base.

G.I. Jane 1997 war movie

G.I. Jane 1997

Jordan O’Neill can become the first woman to finish Combined Reconnaissance Team training, the toughest test there is for special forces, but she can’t count on any favours from the instructors.

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006 war movie

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006

American commandos are dropped on North Korea territory, where they have to find the nuclear missiles.

War Pigs 2015 war movie

War Pigs 2015

Disgraced US Army Captain is given the opportunity for redeem himself when asked to lead a platoon in behind enemy lines mission to destroy German secret weapon.


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