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Mystery isn’t often used theme in war movies, but when it is usually the whole project gains really a lot.

The Killer Leaves a Trace 1967 war movie

The Killer Leaves a Trace 1967

During Wold War 2 Polish forces take over the building that was Gestapo headquarters hoping to find the list of German confidents. When the list disappears from heavily guarded building and man is found dead Lieutenant Lotar has to find the killer.

The 13th Warrior 1999 war movie

The 13th Warrior 1999

In Medieval Europe thirteen warriors set out to answer call for help from small village terrorized by the mysterious monster that comes from the mountains.

The Night of the Generals 1967 war movie

The Night of the Generals 1967

German general becomes suspect in the murder investigation.

Stalag 17 1953 war movie

Stalag 17 1953

In prisoners of war camp the Americans try to figure out which one of them is passing informations to Germans.

The Final Countdown 1980 war movie

The Final Countdown 1980

American aircraft carrier moves back in time and is in position to stop the Pearl Harbor attack.

Ghostboat 2006 war movie

Ghostboat 2006

British submarine that disappeared in 1943 suddenly turns up 40 years later fully functional, but without any sign of the crew. The only survivor agrees to help the navy solve the mystery.

The Officer Factory 1989 war movie

The Officer Factory 1989

Oberleutnant Krafft is sent to officer school to pursue investigation in suspicious death of one of the instructors.

All the King’s Men 1999 war movie

All the King’s Men 1999

The regiment of British infantry walks into the mist and disappears - the legend of Sandringham Company.

Invader 2012 war movie

Invader 2012

Spanish soldier in Iraq can’t remember what happened after he was wounded, but he has doubts about the official version of events.

Below 2002 war movie

Below 2002

American submarine picks up survivors from lifeboat in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and strange thing begin to happen.

R-Point 2004 war movie

R-Point 2004

Group of Korean soldiers on a rescue mission is sent to a secluded jungle island, where strange force affects their minds.

The Bunker 2001 war movie

The Bunker 2001

During World War 2 German soldiers are trapped in the lone bunker in the middle of Normandy, but soon they realize they are not alone here.

Hart’s War 2002 war movie

Hart’s War 2002

When murder is commited in the prisoners of war camp the trial has to take place and young Lieutenant Hart will have to face a tricky challenge.

36 Hours 1965 war movie

36 Hours 1965

American officer is kidnapped by German intelligence in order to gain informations about the D Day.

Deathwatch 2002 war movie

Deathwatch 2002

British infantry unit gets lost in the fog during World War I and stumble upon a trench, where everything seems to be evil.

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