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Mercenaries are soldiers that are hired to fight and has no personal reasons to join the war. Mercenaries are being used since the dawn of human civilization - for them it was the way of life.

The Siege of Jadotville 2016 war movie

The Siege of Jadotville 2016

During Congo Crisis in 1961 Irish unit of United Nations forces is trapped in the eye of political tornado - without support they have to defend their position that gives them very little cover.

The Wild Geese 1978 war movie

The Wild Geese 1978

Colonel Faulkner is an ex-soldier, now working as a mercenary for anyone that has enough money. His next assignment will put Faulkner in the middle of political and business intrigue in the heart of Africa.

Kenau 2014 war movie

Kenau 2014

King Philip II of Spain sends his army to crush the revolt of Netherlands. Citizens of Haarlem decide to take the stand. Rich widow Kenau, after death of her daughter, leads a group of women into fight.

The Dogs of War 1980 war movie

The Dogs of War 1980

Mercenary Jamie Shannon is hired to prepare coup d’etat in African country ruled by the ruthless dictator.

The Crossing 2000 war movie

The Crossing 2000

Depiction of Battle of Trenton and famous crossing of the Delaware River by George Washington.

Tangerines 2013 war movie

Tangerines 2013

While helping two wounded soldiers elderly Estonian tries to show them how insignificant the war really is.

The Last Samurai 2003 war movie

The Last Samurai 2003

American officer hired to train imperial forces in Japan is taken prisoner by the samurai. The experience of being captive will change his mind on the conflict and his own life.

Flying Tigers 1942 war movie

Flying Tigers 1942

American volunteers of the Flying Tigers squadron fight the Japanese airforce over China.

John Rambo 2008 war movie

John Rambo 2008

Vietnam war veteran John Rambo reluctantly agrees to help two missionaries, who try to enter torned by political conflicts Burma, but soon has to rescue them from camp in the middle of the jungle.

Ironclad 2011 war movie

Ironclad 2011

In 1215 English barons forced King John Lackland to sign the Magna Carta reform that took away part of his power. John did not took it well and soon went after the people, who opposed him.

Uncommon Valor 1983 war movie

Uncommon Valor 1983

Colonel Jason Rhodes, tired of waiting for his son to be released from POW camp in Vietnam, sets up a team of veterans to storm into the camp and release him.

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