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Bunkers were developed during the 19th century as a kind of fortress often separated from main strongpoints. They were built where the main offensive was expected, but due to high cost or natural conditions made building the whole fortress impossible. They could be used as defense strongpoints, but also can protect the headquarters from air or artillery attacks.

Downfall 2004 war movie

Downfall 2004

Traudl Junge, one of the secretaries, recalls the events that took place in Hitler’s bunker in last weeks of World War 2.

Battle of the Bulge 1965 war movie

Battle of the Bulge 1965

Based on true events surrounding the last German offensive during World War 2.

Hell Is for Heroes 1962 war movie

Hell Is for Heroes 1962

Small unit of American infantry is left to guard the part of Siegfried Line, but when they realize a German division is about to attack that part of the front line their only hope is to stall the enemy attack.

The Bunker 2001 war movie

The Bunker 2001

During World War 2 German soldiers are trapped in the lone bunker in the middle of Normandy, but soon they realize they are not alone here.

WarGames 1983 war movie

WarGames 1983

After tests of ICBM silo crews proved that most of them would not follow the strict launch procedures the headquarters decide to replace them with the central computer terminals to remove the human factor, but it turns out the computer has a small flaw in its software.

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