Zulu Dawn war movie
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Zulu Dawn war movie

Zulu Dawn (1979, United Kingdom)

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Zulu Dawn

Director: Cy Endfield

Czas: 115 minut

Laguages: English / Zulu

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

True events surrounding the biggest defeat of British in Zulu War - the Battle of Isandlwana.

In 1879 British administrators in South Africa are looking for excuse to start the war against their neighbours, the Zulu Empire. Despite objections from leading members of local society and from the superiors back in United Kingdom Lord Chelmsford prepares an expedition that will enter the Zululand and will punish the native inhabitants for their lack of respect for British laws. The expeditionary forces move forward towards the enemy, or at least where Lord Chelmsford is expects to meet Zulu warriors, but as it will soon be obvious it is a game of cat and mouse. Finally Lord Chelmsford decides to split his forces into two columns unaware that Zulus watch his every move and were hoping for such mistake.

Film shows the origins of Anglo-Zulu war that led to British defeat in Battle of Isandlwana (and gave Zulus later the motivation to take on Rorke’s Drift). It shows the mentality of men that were behind the decision to invade the Zulu Kingdom and the nature of people that took up this task. The British sense of superiority over natives led them to underestimate the power of Zulus and the Zulus made use of all the British mistakes. Film made by the creators of Zulu, who decided to show the less glorious events of Anglo-Zulu war. Impressive cast and again great battle scenes place Zulu Dawn among the classics.

Zulu Dawn was made after the success of Zulu in 1964 and by the creators of Zulu. It shows the other side of that conflict - instead of bravery we see here all the defects in British approach to the war with Zulus. Zulu Dawn shares the breathtaking landscapes of Zulu Kingdom, the massive battle scenes and very good acting.

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7 / 10

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5 / 5

Zulu Dawn 1979 war movie

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Creators of Zulu Dawn

Cy Endfield movies

Cy Endfield


Cy Endfield movies

Cy Endfield


Anthony Story movies

Anthony Story


Cast of Zulu Dawn

Burt Lancaster movies

Burt Lancaster

as Col. Durnford

Peter OToole movies peter-otoole

Peter OToole

as Lord Chelmsford

Nigel Davenport movies nigel-davenport

Nigel Davenport

as Col. Hamilton-Brown

Simon Ward movies simon-ward

Simon Ward

as Lt. Vereker

Denholm Elliott movies denholm-elliott

Denholm Elliott

as Colonel Pulleine

Peter Vaughan movies peter-vaughan

Peter Vaughan

as Q.S.M. Bloomfield

James Faulkner movies james-faulkner

James Faulkner

as Lt. Melvill

Christopher Cazenove movies christopher-cazenove

Christopher Cazenove

as Lt. Coghill

Bob Hoskins movies bob-hoskins

Bob Hoskins

as C.S.M. Williams

Donald Pickering movies donald-pickering

Donald Pickering

as Maj. Russell R.A.

Events depicted in Zulu Dawn

Anglo-Zulu War (1879) Battle of Isandlwana (22 Jan 1879)

Themes in Zulu Dawn

British army in AfricaBritish armyZulu warriorsBritish infantry

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Zulu Dawn full war movie

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