Where Eagles Dare war movie
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Where Eagles Dare war movie

Where Eagles Dare (1968, United States)

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Small unit of commandos is dropped in the Alps, where they have to infiltrate the castle on the top of a mountain. Their mission seems to be impossible to fulfil, but British intelligence selected their best men for the job.

During World War 2 British Major John Smith is given a task of infiltrating the castle deep behind the enemy lines. American general George Carnaby, one of the main planners of upcoming Allied invasion of Europe, was returning from Crete when his plane was shot down over Bavaria. From data available for British intelligence he survived and was taken to place called Adler Schloss (Castle of the Eagles) - a heavily guarded castle set upon a high mountain with cable car as the single way to reach the walls. Smith is given a team of veteran commandos to fulfill this vital mission of rescuing the general or at least stopping him from passing the informations to the Nazis. During the night commandos land high in the Alps of Bavaria, where they are suppose to mix within the troops that are located in nearby village. But one of the Smith’s men ends up dead after reaching the ground and Major is convinced that it wasn’t accident. From that point he begins to suspect that there is a mole in his group...

Thriller based on famous Alistair MacLean novel that describes a special operation deep behind enemy lines. It is a very good movie based on a very good novel and as usual in Alistair MacLean stories not everything is what is seems and together with the main characters we unveil the layer after layer of the true story. Great cast that involves Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton plus gripping story and the atmosphere of the danger set up one of the best pieces of entertainment surrounding World War 2. Of course the realism and historical accuracy are impossible to achieve in such adventure fiction, but apart from that it is an excellent war movie.

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9 / 10

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1 / 5

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5 / 5

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1 / 5

Where Eagles Dare 1968 war movie

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Where Eagles Dare

Creators of Where Eagles Dare

Cast of Where Eagles Dare

Richard Burton movies richard-burton

Richard Burton

as Major Smith

Clint Eastwood movies

Clint Eastwood

as Lieutenant Schaffer

Michael Hordern movies michael-hordern

Michael Hordern

as Admiral Rolland

Donald Houston movies donald-houston

Donald Houston

as Christiansen

Peter Barkworth movies peter-barkworth

Peter Barkworth

as Berkeley

Mary Ure movies mary-ure

Mary Ure

as Mary Ellison

Patrick Wymark movies patrick-wymark

Patrick Wymark

as Colonel Turner

Robert Beatty movies robert-beatty

Robert Beatty

as General George Carnaby

Brook Williams movies brook-williams

Brook Williams

as Sgt. Harrod

Vincent Ball movies vincent-ball

Vincent Ball

as Carpenter

Anton Diffring movies anton-diffring

Anton Diffring

as Colonel Kramer

Ferdy Mayne movies ferdy-mayne

Ferdy Mayne

as General Rosemeyer

Derren Nesbitt movies derren-nesbitt

Derren Nesbitt

as Von Hapen

John G. Heller movies john-g.-heller

John G. Heller

as German Major

Events depicted in Where Eagles Dare

World War II (1936-1945)

Where Eagles Dare trivia

The novel

The novel Where Eagles Dare was actually written for the movie - Richard Burton approached producer Elliott Kastner looking for a superhero-like character that he would play. Kastner knew that Alistair MacLean was at that point the best author to provide an adventure script that would fit what Burton was looking for, but all the MacLean novels were already turned into movies or were in the process of being filmed. He persuaded MacLean to write something new and after six weeks writer presented him with Where Eagles Dare.

Where Eagles Dare quotes

Lieutenant Schaffer:
[referring to what Smith called him in conversation with Germans] "Second rate punk," huh?
Major Smith:
All I could think of on the spur of the moment.
Lieutenant Schaffer:
Thanks, that makes it even worse.

Themes in Where Eagles Dare

British commandosGerman infantrymountain warfarealpine troopsJunkers Ju 52

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Where Eagles Dare full war movie

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