War and Remembrance war movie
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War and Remembrance war movie

War and Remembrance (1988, United States)

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War and Remembrance

Director: Dan Curtis

Czas: 1600 minut

Laguages: English

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2018-11-13 / 2018-11-13

Second part of the epic Herman Wouk novels - Pugh Henry and his family are spread around the world when war starts, now they have to find a way to survive.

When United States joined the World War 2 the Henry family was spread around the world - Pugh was given command of USS Northampton in the Pacific, his wife Rhoda and daughter were in United States, one son was US Navy pilot while second, Byron, was serving aboard submarine. But for all of them the most important news is that Byron’s wife Natalie and her uncle Aaron Jastrow are stuck in Italy. Both are Jewish and as such are not welcome in Germany, to make things worse there is problem with their papers, so they can’t simply leave Europe. Aaron’s former pupil, Werner Beck, tries to help professor, but soon it turns out he has his hidden agenda and in fact he is Nazi collaborator. While on Pacific Pugh meets again Pamela Tudsbury just before Japanese attack Singapore, despite the fact that his marriage is on the rocks he tries to be faithful to his wife. Meanwhile in Europe Germans begin their "final solution" to the Jewish matter, which puts Natalie and Aaron in desperate situation.

Second part of the story concentrates mostly on struggle of Natalie and Aaron, or in broader sense on struggle of Jews in Europe during World War 2, from simple acts of persecution to mass murders in concentration camps. While War and Remembrance lacks the smooth storyline of The Winds of War this part of the story contains one of the most realistic views on how German war machine was repressing those that were sub-humans for the Nazis. Unfortunately the whole series lacks pace and contain parts that were expendable really, like most of the scenes that take place in Russia. Overall very uneven show - on one hand really moving and sometimes shocking scenes of Nazi bestiality, but at the same time soap-opera-like parts that have very little to offer.

Our rating


Film value

3 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

War and Remembrance 1988 war movie

War and Remembrance full movie

full movie War and Remembrance on DVD
full movie War and Remembrance on DVD

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War and Remembrance

Creators of War and Remembrance

Dan Curtis movies

Dan Curtis


Dan Curtis movies

Dan Curtis


Earl W. Wallace movies

Earl W. Wallace


Herman Wouk movies

Herman Wouk


Cast of War and Remembrance

Robert Mitchum movies robert-mitchum

Robert Mitchum

as Victor Henry

Jane Seymour movies jane-seymour

Jane Seymour

as Natalie Henry

John Gielgud movies

John Gielgud

as Aaron Jastrow

Hart Bochner movies hart-bochner

Hart Bochner

as Byron Henry

Victoria Tennant movies victoria-tennant

Victoria Tennant

as Pamela Tudsbury

Polly Bergen movies polly-bergen

Polly Bergen

as Rhoda Henry

Jeremy Kemp movies jeremy-kemp

Jeremy Kemp

as General Armin von Roon

Steven Berkoff movies steven-berkoff

Steven Berkoff

as Adolf Hitler

Robert Hardy movies robert-hardy

Robert Hardy

as Winston Churchill

Ralph Bellamy movies ralph-bellamy

Ralph Bellamy

as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sharon Stone movies sharon-stone

Sharon Stone

as Janice Henry

Barry Bostwick movies barry-bostwick

Barry Bostwick

as Carter Aster

Brian Blessed movies brian-blessed

Brian Blessed

as General Yevlenko

Ian McShane movies ian-mcshane

Ian McShane

as Philip Rule

Bill Wallis movies bill-wallis

Bill Wallis

as Werner Beck

Events depicted in War and Remembrance

World War II (1936-1945) Doolittle Raid (18 Apr 1942) Battle of Midway (4 Jun 1942) D-Day (6 Jun 1944)

War and Remembrance full war movie

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