Victory war movie
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Victory war movie

Victory (1981, United States)

Original / alternative title: Escape to Victory

Categories: POW camp movies resistance movies concentration camp movies


Director: John Huston

Czas: 115 minut

Laguages: English / German / French

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2024-04-07 / 1970-01-01

During World War 2 Germans organize the propaganda football match against team formed of Allied players that are captives in the prisoners of war camps in France.

German officer in charge of prisoner of war camp somewhere in France recognizes among the British officers John Colby, talented football player he played against before the war. German dreams of the revenge for the lost during the pre-war game, so he offers Colby re-match - they will both set up teams and play a football match. Colby has no problem with that, but demands special treatment for the people he will choose for his team - the prisoners will require extra food rations and time to train. When they both more or less agree on the terms outside people want to make their own deals on that match. American Captain Robert Hatch wants to be a part of the team seeing it as good chance to escape from the camp. The British officers in escape committee are skeptic that it is some sort of trick from Germans, but nevertheless they also want to have their own part in the preparations, which would give opportunity to contact with French Resistance. German propaganda machine puts a lot of pressure to make this match publicized and show how Aryan race is superior to the others, which means the German team has to win this one, no matter what.

Cast filled with stars (including real famous footballers) gave a good performance in this movie partly based on true story (or semi-true story). Of course it is mostly an adventure movie, which means that realism wasn’t high on the creators to-do list. Nevertheless it is a lot of fun to watch great actors and great soccer players in this uplifting story about sportsmanship and the tough decisions people must take during the war.

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Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

Victory 1981 war movie

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Creators of Victory

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John Huston


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Jeff Maguire


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Cast of Victory

Michael Caine movies

Michael Caine

as John Colby

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Sylvester Stallone

as Robert Hatch

Max von Sydow movies

Max von Sydow

as Karl Von Steiner

Bobby Moore movies bobby-moore

Bobby Moore

as Terry Brady

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Osvaldo Ardiles

as Carlos Rey

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Paul Van Himst

as Michel Fileu

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Kazimierz Deyna

as Paul Wolchek

Co Prins movies co-prins

Co Prins

as Pieter Van Beck

 Pele movies -pele


as Luis Fernandez

Anton Diffring movies anton-diffring

Anton Diffring

as German Commentator

Events depicted in Victory

World War II (1936-1945)

Victory trivia

Real soccer stars

Eighteen international soccer stars played in this movie, including Pele, Osvaldo Ardiles, Kazimierz Deyna, Hallvar Thoresen, Paul Van Himst, Co Prins among others. For most of them it was the only film they ever performed in (exception is Pele).

Michael Caine stand-in

Kevin Beattie was Michael Caine’s stand-in during the action scenes and according to Osvaldo Ardiles not without a reason - at that time Caine was 47 and as Ardiles told press in one of the interviews Caine’s football skills were "awful, and he couldn’t even run 20 yards".

The true story

The events in Victory / Escape to Victory are very loosely based on a story that supposedly took place during World War 2, when in the Eastern Front match took place between Russian and Ukrainian prisoners against German guards, but lately this story is considered more of a myth than historical event.

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