The Wolf’s Call war movie
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The Wolf’s Call war movie

The Wolf’s Call (2019, France)

Original / alternative title: Le chant du loup

Categories: submarine movies special forces movies

The Wolf’s Call

Director: Antonin Baudry

Czas: 115 minut

Laguages: French

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2020-01-01 / 2020-01-01

French submarine is surprised by unknown sub near the Syrian coast. At this point no one expected this event will put world on a verge of destruction.

French submarine Titan closed to Syrian coast in order to pick up the commandos platoon, but while they established contact with the land forces enemy frigate showed up and put the whole mission on hold. Sonar operator Chanteraide, called Socks by other crew members, picks up another sound, but is unable to identify it. When that sound is finally linked to enemy submarine lurking nearby Titan is in danger and soon they have to fight for their lives when frigate closes on them. After the mission ends Socks finds it hard to just let go and feels that his mistake put the whole sub in danger. He tries to learn something more about the submarine that surprised them on Syrian coast, but there is no such boat on their database. Once he checks the older reports in the archive he learns that this could be Timur III, old Russian boat that was suppose to be scrapped few years back. Meanwhile Russian forces invade Finland and world is on a verge of war and two submarines are prepared to set for Baltic Sea - Titan and Formidable carrying nuclear ballistic missiles.

French war movie set in modern times, but in reality in which Europe is close to open war. In many ways the plot is similar to other movies, like Crimson Tide or The Hunt for Red October, so is the atmosphere and overall message that is the main point of The Wolf’s Call. No, the movie is far from being original, the plot is in some points far from being realistic, but overall it is not that bad production that could be compared to another French war movie Sky Fighters.

Our rating


Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

4 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

The Wolf’s Call 2019 war movie

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Creators of The Wolf’s Call

Antonin Baudry movies

Antonin Baudry


Cast of The Wolf’s Call

Francois Civil movies francois-civil

Francois Civil

as Chanteraide

Omar Sy movies omar-sy

Omar Sy

as D’Orsi

Reda Kateb movies reda-kateb

Reda Kateb

as Grandchamp

Paula Beer movies paula-beer

Paula Beer

as Diane

Alexis Michalik movies alexis-michalik

Alexis Michalik

as Formidable XO

Jean-Yves Berteloot movies jean-yves-berteloot

Jean-Yves Berteloot

as Commandant CIRA

Themes in The Wolf’s Call

French submarine

The Wolf’s Call full war movie

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