The Winds of War war movie
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The Winds of War war movie

The Winds of War (1983, United States)

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The Winds of War

Director: Dan Curtis

Czas: 840 minut

Laguages: English / German

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2024-04-07 / 1970-01-01

Victor ’Pug’ Henry is appointed naval attaché to American embassy in Berlin in 1939. Even though US intelligence is convinced the open war in Europe is unlikely Pug sends an alarming report to Washington suggesting that Germans are fully prepared to attack.

Victor ’Pug’ Henry, experienced naval officer, is appointed a naval attaché to US embassy in Germany. It is 1939 and Germans are in the middle of preparations for Fall Weiss, the invasion on Poland. Pug is intelligence officer and while attending the official dinner parties he tries to figure out what is the real situation in this country. After he moves, together with his family, to a beautiful residence in Berlin, he learns that the previous owner was forced to sell it to the Nazi government for a very low price because he was Jewish. During the conversations with General von Roon Henry becomes more and more convinced that the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia were just the beginning and now Germans, despite the seemingly calm situation, are in fact fully prepared for another offensive operation. His report lands on the desk of president Roosevelt just days before Germany attacked Poland. Pug’s son Byron and his Jewish fiancée Natalie were attending wedding in Poland and now the Nazi offensive trapped them inside country in chaos. Pug is ordered back to Washington, where Roosevelt would like to hear his opinion on the situation in Europe.

American TV series based on Herman Wouk’s own novel, follows an American family scattered through world on the eve of World War 2 and from September 1939 until the attack on Pearl Harbor. While mainly it is a family story it shows a lot about the atmosphere on both sides of the Atlantic during the war - American hesitation to join the conflict, British desperation in face of Nazi power, the difficult situation of Jewish people fleeing the countries invaded by Germans. The family bits of the story are sometimes a bit annoying (f.e. Natalie making all the worst decisions possible while trying to escape from Nazi danger), sometimes they are bit too long or even boring, but the political moves of the diplomats of the both sides are interesting, the attack on Pearl Harbor was recreated with decent effort and overall it was one of the better productions about World War 2. Of course some bits are far from being plausible (like Pug always being in the place where the most important things are going on), some of the war situations were only described without actually showing even small parts of them (f.e. Battle of Britain), some are not realistic, but still it is a well remembered series.

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6 / 10

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4 / 5

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3 / 5

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4 / 5

The Winds of War 1983 war movie

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The Winds of War

Creators of The Winds of War

Dan Curtis movies

Dan Curtis


Herman Wouk movies

Herman Wouk


Cast of The Winds of War

Robert Mitchum movies robert-mitchum

Robert Mitchum

as Victor Henry

Polly Bergen movies polly-bergen

Polly Bergen

as Rhoda Henry

Ali MacGraw movies ali-macgraw

Ali MacGraw

as Natalie Jastrow

Jan-Michael Vincent movies jan-michael-vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent

as Byron Henry

David Dukes movies david-dukes

David Dukes

as Leslie Slote

Jeremy Kemp movies jeremy-kemp

Jeremy Kemp

as General Armin von Roon

Peter Graves movies peter-graves

Peter Graves

as Palmer Kirby

Ralph Bellamy movies ralph-bellamy

Ralph Bellamy

as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

John Houseman movies john-houseman

John Houseman

as Aaron Jastrow

Victoria Tennant movies victoria-tennant

Victoria Tennant

as Pamela Tudsbury

Gunter Meisner movies gunter-meisner

Gunter Meisner

as Adolf Hitler

Wolfgang Preiss movies wolfgang-preiss

Wolfgang Preiss

as Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch

Anton Diffring movies anton-diffring

Anton Diffring

as Joachim von Ribbentrop

Enzo G. Castellari movies enzo-g.-castellari

Enzo G. Castellari

as Benito Mussolini

Howard Lang movies howard-lang

Howard Lang

as Winston Churchill

Events depicted in The Winds of War

World War II (1936-1945) Invasion of Poland (1 Sep 1939) Battle of the Atlantic (3 Sep 1939) Battle of Britain (10 Jul 1940) Attack on Pearl Harbor (7 Dec 1941)

The Winds of War trivia

Fall Weiss

Although The Winds of War present German preparations for the Fall Weiss plan (invasion of Poland) to begin on 1st September 1939 this was not the original date chosen by Hitler. Originally the invasion was suppose to commence on 25th August 1939, but it was changed on the very last moment to 1st September.

Themes in The Winds of War

US NavyGerman army

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The Winds of War full war movie

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