The Wild Geese war movie
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The Wild Geese war movie

The Wild Geese (1978, United Kingdom)

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The Wild Geese

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen

Czas: 128 minut

Laguages: English

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2019-03-10 / 2019-03-10

Colonel Faulkner is an ex-soldier, now working as a mercenary for anyone that has enough money. His next assignment will put Faulkner in the middle of political and business intrigue in the heart of Africa.

British Colonel Allen Faulkner is an ex-soldier, who now makes living as a mercenary taking part in risky missions around the world. His new employer is London banker Sir Edward Matheson, who wants to hire Faulkner to help him solve a problem in one of the African countries. Matheson will pay good money for a covert operation - rescue of imprisoned president Limbani, who if restored to the power, would give Matheson access to the copper sources in his country. But now Limbani is kept in secluded army prison in Zembala and guarded by the elite soldiers of current regime leader, General Ndofa. Faulkner agrees and begin the recruitment among his army-pals - artful planner Captain Janders, good leader Lieutenant Fynn and retired Sergeant Major Young to train the mercenaries. Together with volunteers they begin the preparations for their mission, while Janders prepares the plan - whole unit will be parachuted from Hercules plane and split in two groups, one will attack the prison, while the other will take over control of the nearby airfield, so the Hercules can pick them up. Everything goes according to plan, but only up to the point, in which they reach the airfield.

British war movie, based on a novel by Rhodesian author Daniel Carney, which itself was based on a rumours about mysterious plane with dying African president aboard landing in Rhodesia in 1968. Great set of actors (Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris) and action-filled story created a classic mercenary movie that later was followed by 1985 sequel that was nowhere nearly as good as original. The Wild Geese is a good adventure flick that never made much impact, although it is a great fun to watch.

Our rating


Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

5 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

The Wild Geese 1978 war movie

The Wild Geese full movie

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Creators of The Wild Geese

Reginald Rose movies

Reginald Rose


Daniel Carney movies

Daniel Carney


Cast of The Wild Geese

Richard Burton movies richard-burton

Richard Burton

as Colonel Allen Faulkner

Roger Moore movies roger-moore

Roger Moore

as Lieutenant Shawn Fynn

Richard Harris movies richard-harris

Richard Harris

as Captain Rafer Janders

Hardy Kruger movies hardy-kruger

Hardy Kruger

as Lieutenant Pieter Coetzee

Stewart Granger movies stewart-granger

Stewart Granger

as Sir Edward Matheson

Jack Watson movies jack-watson

Jack Watson

as Sergeant Sandy Young

Frank Finlay movies frank-finlay

Frank Finlay

as Father Geoghegen

Kenneth Griffith movies kenneth-griffith

Kenneth Griffith

as Medic Arthur Witty

Barry Foster movies barry-foster

Barry Foster

as Thomas Balfour

Winston Ntshona movies winston-ntshona

Winston Ntshona

as President Julius Limbani

Ronald Fraser movies ronald-fraser

Ronald Fraser

as Sergeant Jock McTaggart

John Kani movies john-kani

John Kani

as Sergeant Jesse Blake

The Wild Geese full war movie

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