The Taste of the Black Earth war movie
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The Taste of the Black Earth war movie

The Taste of the Black Earth (1970, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Sól ziemi czarnej

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The Taste of the Black Earth

Director: Kazimierz Kutz

Czas: 100 minut

Laguages: Polish / German

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2022-06-28 / 2022-06-28

During the second Silesian Uprising in 1920, seven Basista brothers joined the insurgents to face the German forces preparing to storm the mining areas.

Gabriel Basista, the youngest of seven brothers, wants to join the troops preparing for an uprising against German forces in Silesia. The father of the family agrees that his sons should take part in the fighting, believing that it may lead to the return of Silesia to Poland. Erwin Maliniok becomes the commander of the local militia and prepares the mining estate for the expected attack. The Germans send troops to suppress the rebellion, but the Silesians prepared well for defense - apart from trenches and positions for shooters, they also prepared weapons to deal with the most serious threats - guns and an armored vehicle. The insurgents repel countless waves of attacks, but their lines of defense are getting closer and closer to the Basists’ family home.

The film by Kazimierz Kutz, who specialized in stories related to Silesia, and this one is no different - presents the second Silesian Uprising through the prism of one of the mining families, but does it not on the basis of typical realism, but rather on allegories of real events and an almost fairy-tale dimension of the history. On one hand, it shows Silesian culture and the beginning of fight, but with time more and more elements have a purely symbolic dimension.

This is not a typical war movie, although it shows fights in a city where insurgents face the German army, some scenes show the internal transformations of the main character, the environment and the atmosphere of the uprising more than the actual events.

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5 / 10

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3 / 5

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2 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

The Taste of the Black Earth 1970 war movie

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Creators of The Taste of the Black Earth

Kazimierz Kutz movies

Kazimierz Kutz


Cast of The Taste of the Black Earth

Olgierd Lukaszewicz movies olgierd-lukaszewicz

Olgierd Lukaszewicz

as Gabriel Basista

Jan Englert movies jan-englert

Jan Englert

as Erwin Maliniok

Jerzy Binczycki movies jerzy-binczycki

Jerzy Binczycki

as Bernard Basista

Jerzy Cnota movies jerzy-cnota

Jerzy Cnota

as Euzebin Basista

Daniel Olbrychski movies daniel-olbrychski

Daniel Olbrychski

as Lieutenant Stefan Sowinski

Wieslaw Dymny movies wieslaw-dymny

Wieslaw Dymny

as Franek Basista

The Taste of the Black Earth trivia

Second Silesian Uprising

Second Silesian Uprising was revolt against the Weimar Republic (also called German Reich) in order to return Silesia to recently created Polish Republic. Although it lasted only 6 days, the insurrection forces reached its goal - Germans disbanded their security forces and let the local community to take part in the plebiscite.

The Taste of the Black Earth full war movie

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