The Silver Fleet war movie
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The Silver Fleet war movie

The Silver Fleet (1943, United Kingdom)

Categories: resistance movies submarine movies

The Silver Fleet

Director: Vernon Sewell, Gordon Wellesley

Czas: 90 minut

Laguages: English

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2018-04-20 / 2018-04-26

In occupied Holland owner of closed shipyard, Jaap van Leyden, has a chance to re-open his business under Nazi supervision, but he has to remember that local resistance members will watch his every step.

Jaap van Leyden, owner of successful shipyard, after the German invasion has to close the business that his predecessors have built for years. Before the war they were making submarines, but now the shipyard is closed. German officials offer van Leyden chance to re-open his business and make subs again, but on their conditions - Germans will be co-owners of the shipyard and he will make only boats ordered by Kriegsmarine. Japp hesitates, on one hand he would like to give his employees their jobs back, but at the same time he knows that collaboration with Nazis is far from his personal views. While waiting for his son he hears the teacher telling kids the story of Dutch hero Piet Hein, who intercepted Spanish Silver Fleet in 17th century and finally made his decision. Soon the shipyard is re-opened and van Leyden with his workers are preparing for tests of new submarine under German supervision, but that draws attention of local resistance organization called Piet Hein and van Leyden becomes the target of a plot.

One of British war movies made during the World War 2 to keep up the morale of people affected by the war - contrary to American war movies of the era they were rather showing hardship of other people rather than great heroism of the soldiers. And The Silver Fleet is no exception - civilian shipyard owner has to tread very carefully to keep Germans happy and convince the locals he is nor collaborator since every one of his neighbours could be agent of one of the sides. The film accurately captures the atmosphere of occupied Holland, where mistrust among Dutchmen destroyed their society for decades. With limited budget (as usual in wartime productions) The Silver Fleet is a decent war movie - lacks the fast plot or great adventures, but still it shows a piece of our history.

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Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

The Silver Fleet 1943 war movie

Creators of The Silver Fleet

Vernon Sewell movies

Vernon Sewell


Cast of The Silver Fleet

Ralph Richardson movies ralph-richardson

Ralph Richardson

as Jaap van Leyden

Esmond Knight movies esmond-knight

Esmond Knight

as von Schiffer

Googie Withers movies googie-withers

Googie Withers

as Helene van Leyden

Charles Victor movies charles-victor

Charles Victor

as Bastiaan Peters

John Longden movies john-longden

John Longden

as Jost Meertens

Frederick Burtwell movies frederick-burtwell

Frederick Burtwell

as Captain Müller

Events depicted in The Silver Fleet

World War II (1936-1945)

Themes in The Silver Fleet

Dutch resistance

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The Silver Fleet full war movie

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