The Siege of Jadotville war movie
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The Siege of Jadotville war movie

The Siege of Jadotville (2016, Ireland)

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2019-11-18 / 2019-11-18

During Congo Crisis in 1961 Irish unit of United Nations forces is trapped in the eye of political tornado - without support they have to defend their position that gives them very little cover.

In 1961 Congo, that recently gained independence from Belgium, was in the middle of political and economical turmoil - the province Katanga, full of natural resources, was planning to separate from rest of the country and become independent state. But the reasons behind that decision lied in big business interests in local mines and Republic of the Congo could not just allow Katanga to leave. Recently created United Nation intervention forces were sent to deescalate conflict in region, but with involvement from United States and Soviet Union UN had to find soldiers for the job that would not reignite the fights. Their have chosen Irish unit as the most neutral and soon Commandant Pat Quinlan with his 150 men were put in Jadotville, close to the mines. Their barracks were placed in the open fields, where they were clearly visible to potential attackers, not to mention that their supplies were limited and locals were not pleased with their presence. While gathering the supplies in local stores Quinlan meets Rene Faulques, leader of mercenary troops, hired by the mining corporation. While their first meeting might looked like a pleasant conversation soon they will meet in completely different circumstances.

Irish war movie based on true events that took place in Congo in 1961, where Irish United Nations company was besieged for 5 days by local forces and mercenaries. Although the film concentrates mostly on the clash of the characters between Quinlans and Faulques it is a good mixture of war movie, thriller and historical drama that will keep you involved from beginning until the end. It is based on the real siege of Jadotville and kept close to original events, which gives the story more depth showing how fragile the position of United Nations really was back in Cold War.

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Film value

7 / 10

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4 / 5

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4 / 5

Historical accuracy

5 / 5

The Siege of Jadotville 2016 war movie

The Siege of Jadotville full movie

full movie The Siege of Jadotville read online
full movie The Siege of Jadotville read online

Creators of The Siege of Jadotville

Richie Smyth movies

Richie Smyth


Kevin Brodbin movies

Kevin Brodbin


Cast of The Siege of Jadotville

Jamie Dornan movies jamie-dornan

Jamie Dornan

as Commandant Pat Quinlan

Mark Strong movies mark-strong

Mark Strong

as Conor Cruise O’Brien

Danny Sapani movies danny-sapani

Danny Sapani

as Moise Tshombe

Mikael Persbrandt movies mikael-persbrandt

Mikael Persbrandt

as Dag Hammarskjöld

Michael McElhatton movies michael-mcelhatton

Michael McElhatton

as General McEntee

Jason OMara movies jason-omara

Jason OMara

as Sergeant Jack Prendergast

Guillaume Canet movies guillaume-canet

Guillaume Canet

as Rene Faulques

Emmanuelle Seigner movies emmanuelle-seigner

Emmanuelle Seigner

as Madame LaFontagne

Fiona Glascott movies fiona-glascott

Fiona Glascott

as Carmel Quinlan

Sam Keeley movies sam-keeley

Sam Keeley

as Billy Ready

Events depicted in The Siege of Jadotville

Cold War (1953-1991)

Themes in The Siege of Jadotville

Irish soldiers

The Siege of Jadotville full war movie

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